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Full Moon

The moon is currently in Pisces

Lunar Eclipse May 2013

The full Moon lunar eclipse on May 24-25, 2013 is a penumbral lunar eclipse (only part of the moon is eclipsed) so it is fairly weak astronomically.  Astrologically, however, it promises to be quite strong.  It falls right after the exact Pluto/Uranus square on May 20, which stirred up agitation, feelings of rebellion and hopes for reform, and big changes for many.

The Sagittarius full Moon is a Super moon, which occurs when the moon is closest to the earth and in a straight line with the Earth and Sun.  A Supermoon occurs only once in approximately 18 years.  Because the gravitational pull will be extra strong, it could result in a higher risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  In addition, the Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini will form a T-square with Neptune in Pisces.  Flooding or water events could be in the news around that time.

The May 2013 lunar eclipse may bring out the truth of things that have been simmering along for a long time.  Indeed, there could be a battle between exposing the truth (Sagittarius full Moon), speaking openly of it (Gemini Sun) and trying to keep it hidden or confused (Neptune in Pisces T-square).

Be careful of the tendency to escape from problems by overeating, drinking too much alcohol, or indulging in drugs.  If you are taking prescription drugs, be very careful not to make a dosage mistake at this time.  Also, be wary of drunk drivers because those around you will be subject to the same eclipse influences.  Double check your airline travel schedules if you are flying around May 24-25.

Any eclipse can bring a “fated” event because of the interaction of the Nodes of the Moon with the Moon and Sun.  This eclipse with its contact with Neptune could bring even more of that effect.  Watch for psychic revelations and/or an especially intuitive insight into something that has been troubling you.  You may overhear others talking, listen to a bit of gossip, or read something in the newspaper that will have a far-reaching effect on you; even though it wouldn’t have caught your attention at another time.  Something that you have “felt” could be revealed in more detail at this lunar eclipse. or even in the weeks or months after the eclipse when the eclipse points are contacted by transiting planets.

The best way to navigate this eclipse is to:

  •  Be flexible (Gemini), positive (Sagittarius) and use your intuitive insights (Neptune).
  • Be patient and recognize that you may be feeling extra emotional so it’s best not to react too strongly if others push your “emotional buttons.”
  •  If you hear distressing news or receive puzzling information, try not to react to it immediately, but give yourself time to rationally and intuitively work with the information.
  •  Do not try to escape your problems through, drink, drugs, excessive sleep or excessive overeating.  Much better to ask “what is this eclipse trying to tell me” and how can I use that information.”  Then find something outdoors to do or sports to play (Sagittarius) that will diffuse the emotional confusion of the Moon square Neptune.
  • Spiritual pursuits are very much favored.  It would be good to devote extra time to tune into your spiritual self in the week before the eclipse until the week after the eclipse.  Be willing to listen to the “still, small voice” within without judgment.  Ask it what the truth is of your questions.  Be prepared for answers to come from unconventional sources.
  • I will be offering 20 minute, mini-eclipse readings from May 1, 2013 through May 30, 2013 on a “first come, first served” basis, for $35. This is a great opportunity to discover how these May Eclipses are impacting your life and to learn the best way to utilize them to make your life better. Readings are by phone or Skype. Sign up under Contact Me at the top of the screen.

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1 comment to Lunar Eclipse May 2013

  • dd817

    Hello again Ruby,
    How are you? You are in very busy season I think.
    I recently learned that my birth min was 04:12..This eclipse is exactly 4 50 degrees, i suppose..
    will I stay alive :)) will there be any nice thing happen with pluto-uranus square, neptune t square? Anything at work may be hidden ? I am waiting for a move there since november eclipse, I am in waiting position since then..

    Bith info : Izmir Turkey 06/22/1982 04:12 – Adjust -3.00 ST 20.48 Lat 38.25 Long -27.10
    There is summer time adjustmet.

    Thank you already.. & Good luck to all of us with these astrology effects :))

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