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Lunar Eclipse in Libra Aries April 2014

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”   ―Eckhart Tolle

The April 15 lunar eclipse has the Moon in the sign of Libra with an opposition to the Sun in Aries.  As with all lunar eclipses, the Moon is full, which signifies that something has come to fruition.  It’s time to re-evaluate, refocus and to get rid of excess baggage.  Full moons shed light on situations and illuminate them.  It is your job to look at those situations objectively and make conscious choices about what to keep and what to release.   A lunar eclipse sometimes brings a major life restructuring.  Even when major changes are not forthcoming in your life, a lunar eclipse always brings in new people, ideas, events or situations.  A really good way to make use of the lunar eclipse energy is to take a hard look at your life to determine those things that are no longer a positive influence in your life.  Use the energy of the lunar eclipse to help you make the changes that you have wanted to make for a long time.

The first rule is to be true to yourself.  You will always know deep inside what the correct decision is.  The rational mind will sometimes “talk” you out of those feelings.  Remember, the lunar eclipse is all about the Moon.  The Moon is about emotions, feelings and subconscious urges.  It is always a good idea at a lunar eclipse to take some quiet time to go within and to nurture the subconscious. The subconscious is where the energy begins.  The few days before and after a lunar eclipse can often be stressful and chaotic due to the large amount of feelings and emotions that are swirling around you and within you.  Going within or sitting in meditation has the benefit of quieting down the emotional energy of a lunar eclipse.

Let the subconscious “speak” to you.  Where are you feeling bogged down, over burdened, and/or burnt out?  What could you do if you could do anything in the world?  Where would you live?  How would you dress?  Who would your friends be?  How would a day in your life look?  These are all valuable clues for you to use to take advantage of the lunar eclipse energy.  It is much more productive to guide the energy and to let it help you bring about a new and better tomorrow.

Of course, sometimes the eclipse brings unexpected, unwanted and sudden, far-reaching changes into your life.  When this happens it may seem like you do not have a choice.  You may be overwhelmed and it is all you can do to just cope with the upheavals.  This may be especially true of this eclipse as it is happening at the same time that the Cardinal Grand Cross is coming to an exact configuration once again.

The Universe is not only asking you to let go of that which no longer serves your higher self but is practically screaming it.  If you have felt stuck in your life, the lunar eclipse and the subsequent powerful Grand Cross may act as a wild card (think the Tower card in the Tarot deck) to shake things up in your life.  Your carefully built structures could come tumbling down forcing you to pick up the pieces and to build something more conducive to your happiness and spiritual growth.

Look to the houses where the eclipse is falling to see where change is needed.  In this case, it will be the houses that hold the signs of Libra and Aries and, to a lesser extent, the house where Cancer and Capricorn fall. Next look to the houses where you have planets near 25 degrees of Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn.  The general meaning of the houses are:



First House Your physical appearance and health, how the world sees you and how you want the world to see you
Second House Your possessions and money, the potential to earn money and how you spend your money, your values and what is important to you, and your self esteem.
Third House Daily communications, how you talk and write, your tone of voice, daily and local travel and how you relate to your siblings and neighbors
Fourth House Mother or person(s) who raised you, your childhood and present home, how you keep house, your roots, heritage, ancestry, the end of something
Fifth House Pleasure, children, hobbies and fun, how you express and love and your romantic nature, your creative and artistic ability, a love interest appears or leaves
Sixth House Your work, job and pets, co-workers and working conditions, how you work and the services you provide, doctors, health and  health care providers, landlords and tenants
Seventh House Your marital and business partners and your attitude toward marriage, legal matters, lawsuits and lawyers, and dealings with the public
Eighth House Sex, IRS, joint finances, how you spend or rely on your partner’s money and your partner’s possessions, the support you receive from others, inheritance/gifts from others
Ninth House Higher mind, religion, philosophy and beliefs, foreign travel and life abroad, college, publishing, higher courts, grandchildren, air travel,
Tenth House Your father, your profession or avocation, public reputation and status, your superiors and all authority figures, the kind of boss you are, high honors (or disrepute)
Eleventh House Friends, club organizations, groups of all kinds, your hopes, dreams, goals and wishes, what you want out of life
Twelfth House Inner strengths and weaknesses, confinement, prisons and hospitals, seclusion, how you spend your private time, fears, dreams, meditation, hypnosis and intuition.


Thus, if the eclipse falls in your fourth house, you may have family issues come up; there may be issues around moving or someone moving in or out of your house, rules in the home, and issues with your parents, etc.  There could also be issues related to work/home balance due to the polarity between the fourth and tenth houses.

Finally, because the eclipse falls in the Aries/Libra axis there could be issues around your own needs (Aries) versus the needs of others (Libra), how to get along with others, and balancing the need to weigh your options (Libra) versus making sudden, impulsive choices (Aries).

Enjoy the eclipse as much as possible.  Life was not meant to be boring!

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3 comments to Lunar Eclipse in Libra Aries April 2014

  • gemini32

    Hi ruby, how are you,,
    Thank you for your wonderful article. I am vey much excited with this eclipse season.Honestly, I experienced your comments on previous year eclipses, and still do 🙂 You are great really..
    I am curious on pluto conjucting my south node at 13 degrees grand square, & eclipse effects.
    My birth info is 4:30 AM – 22 June 1982 – Izmir Turkey There is summertime adj.

    I also appreciate if you can write an article on nodes..
    Thanks in advance.. cheers !

    • Ruby

      Hi Gemini32, Thank you for your kind words.

      The lunar eclipse chart makes several contacts in your chart. Jupiter is conjunct your North Node and Pluto conjunct the South Node. In addition, the eclipse Moon and North Node are conjunct your natal Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in the 5th house. The Grand Square in cardinal signs also makes many contacts with your chart with the result that the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th houses are in focus. The nodal and Grand Cross aspects in the 2nd and 8th house shows energy around money, possibly a reward for things you did in the past that were not rewarded at that time. Some kind of inheritance, insurance settlement, or tax refund would also be a possibility. The North Node conjunct Jupiter is a lesson in practicing abundance in all ways. Act as though you and your life is full of abundance and it will be. Give freely to others of what you have, especially those in your family (NNode in Cancer) so that more can come back to you.

      I don’t know if you have children, but Mars conjunct Saturn in the 5th house could be a possibility of some kind of conflict with a child or lover. Then the transiting Moon and North Node conjunct your natal Pluto highlights the energy around children and lovers even more. With the nodal contact it is a karma lesson. The entire month of April has energy around relationships for everyone. For you this is even more pronounced. There are a lot of me, me, me versus them, them, them in this configuration. How can I retain my autonomy while being part of a relationship. Despite the potential conflicts however, this configuration gives you the opportunity to figure out relationships and make changes that will bring future happiness. If you are not in a relationship, you very well could attract someone who would change your thinking and world view in dramatic ways.

      Thanks for your excellent suggestion on an article on the Nodes. The Nodes are an often neglected subject and so very important. I will definitely consider writing such an article(s).


  • gemini32

    Hi ruby,
    Woaw it seems eclipse will bring lots of change and transformations..
    What would be the triggering point ? Is it venus transits over transiting uranus or jupiter ? Or sun/moon trandits over natal nodes ?
    Could you give an highlight on triggering times?
    Thank you for your wonderful comments and time 🙂

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