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Waxing Gibbous Moon

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Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – December 21, 2010

The full moon lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010 highlights the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity, which brings in the themes of communication, education, higher thought, intelligence and the more negative energies of fanaticism, arrogance, overindulgence, rationalization, duplicity and amorality.

Because the Moon and the Sun are both at the all-important 29 degrees of their respective signs (Moon 29Gemini20 and Sun 29Sagittarius20) an urgent message of change is part of the mix. Any planet or light at 29 degrees of a sign brings endings and change. Something has matured and is no longer needed. It is time to transform something or to end it and to build something new. However, it is wise to be aware that a planet at 29 degrees can cause a person to waiver, to go back and forth and to evaluate and re-evaluate endlessly, until finally, exhausted with the decision making process, that person may just make a rash and hasty decision to change things without using rational thought.

Then too, all eclipses bring in a time of change, a time to correct our course and move forward in a new or altered way toward our goals. This lunar eclipse asks us to take a long, hard look at the issues in our life that are holding us back or that are keeping us from fulfilling our destiny and to make decisions about a more positive, life-affirming way of meeting those challenges.

This particular lunar eclipse becomes even more powerful because of its location near the galactic center at 26 degrees Sagittarius. (See my previous article on Pluto when it was located at the Galactic center before entering Capricorn.) The lunar eclipse location near the powerful Galactic center magnifies and adds power and focus to the energies already being manifested.

It is also noteworthy that the eclipse opposition of the Moon and Sun are square the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. Because Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, the sign that holds the Sun during this eclipse, the themes of compassion (Pisces) and truth (Jupiter) are very much in focus. Uranus brings unexpected change like a lightning bolt and new ways of thinking and acting.

In short, this lunar eclipse brings an unprecedented opportunity to bring about a new way of being with regard to others with whom we share Mother Earth. We are called to act in a higher, more authentic way (Jupiter) and to keep our mind on the oneness of all beings (Pisces). Indeed, in light of the world situation at this time, this lunar eclipse presents an opportune time for each of us to focus on this spirit of oneness with all others.

Many blessings to each of you who read this and take up the challenge of this eclipse—to give away those things that are no longer needed or helpful, and to bring to the world a spirit of loving, truthful compassion for all beings.


465 comments to Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – December 21, 2010

  • Armaan

    Thank you astroherb!
    I also think we will go through celestial changes. I hope 2012 when the sun will rise with the galactic center we will be in touch with the energy transformation. I personally believe that things will change only if we “turn back” to the sense of belonging in Mother Earth, Mother Universe, the female repressed side of our nature inside us and outside us.
    Slow moving planers are changing signs. We have the Cardinal “Explosion” 😛 with Pluto in Capricirn and Uranus in Aries. Neptune in Pisces in 2012, i wish it will make things more sweet and calm. More and more people may be open in alternative therapies, we may have another sense of religion – or better say ‘being religious’, more close to nature.

    Best wishes for the new year. Keep on the good job!!

  • Armaan

    Sorry, i forgot to say… that the moon eclipse was wonderful! I felt i released kilos of sentimental weight!
    The days after are kind of weird… This week meant lots of things for me. Can’t say on public right now… I’ll see…
    I have the sun eclipse on my moon next week. Circles open, circles close so quickly in this period of my life. And i am “thirsty” for action. And thirsty in general… 🙂

  • Armaan

    …something like that:

    (Sorry for the monologue, it’s about time to go to bed)
    Goodnight. And thanks again. 🙂

  • malishammm

    what does waiting moderation mean?

  • ninaboots

    so this eclipse has effected me in a surprising way. my dob is 2.10.77 born at 1:43PM in Brooklyn, NY. I had an ongoing situation with a guy thatI’m deeply in love with who just recently start to express himdelf to me. Things were ok except he didn’t want a committment. We have been going at this for almost a year and a half. We get closer and he pulls away. Just today we ended it, not like he hasn’t said this before. something about this time seems final so this is the effect of the eclipse, i’m wondering if this is it or is this some sort of transition into a different phase.

    • Ruby

      Ninaboots, Although I don’t have his chart, I feel like the relationship may have come to the end of its usefulness. Transiting Sun and Mars is now on your natal Mars at zero degrees Mars in Aquarius. It feels to me like there is a part of you that almost welcomes the change. A transit to Mars in Aquarus could very well signal a change–to let it go, to move on, and to be glad of it. The eclipse in Capricorn in your 7th house would have given you the impetus to move forward toward something better. Sometimes other’s actions, though hurtful at the time, do move us forward toward something better.

  • sandy

    Thank you for the reading, although I don’t understand the terminology 🙂 Yes, I am a relief worker in Haiti since last February. Working hard, lived laughed cried and seen much death too. Was a volunteer for the first few months then received a small pay to cover my bills back home. But that were the last few months. I run the OR in the trauma hospital. Just before the eclipse I heard that the budget was again cut and the hospital cannot afford to pay me. Although I love my staff I don’t know how long I can work as a volunteer with the bills back home. Also… I had been stuck on an old love and the day after the eclipse I met a new man (Taurus) who adores me and wants me (and make baby too, speaks about marriage) and we are VERY much into each other after only one week. So… job’s gone, a new man in my life, and everything so… well…. intense and makes my brains crackle!!! Can you tell me more about how the houses and such work??

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