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Waning Gibbous Moon

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011 in Gemini

The moon in this full moon lunar eclipse falls at 18 degrees in the sign of Gemini with the eclipse Sun at 18 degrees Sagittarius.  Communication (Gemini) and speaking your truth (Sagittarius) are in the spotlight.  With Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, retrograde at 4 degrees Sagittarius at the time of the eclipse and with the Sun in Sagittarius, we must be mindful of how we speak that truth.  Mercury retrograde can garble our words and the Sun in Sagittarius can cause uncensored words that can be hurtful to others.  In addition the eclipse is square (challenge) transiting Mars (aggression, anger, action), a classic configuration for “hasty words long regretted.”

Obviously, the days around the eclipse are not a good time to hold important discussions, especially those in which hurt feelings or righteous anger could result. 

It is much better to use this time to become aware of your own truth to yourself.  Many of you are going through rather difficult Pluto transits (deep transformation) that often involve loss of all your carefully built structures such as jobs, relationships and a clear sense of self.  Though Pluto transits can be devastating, they are useful in getting rid of those things in our life that no longer serve us or that have served their purpose.  

This lunar eclipse is an excellent time to deeply consider how you wish to rebuild the structure of your life.  That is, what worked in the past but no longer works?  What can I salvage and what should I let go of.  What would I really like my life to look like now and in the future?  How can I take baby steps toward that life? 

Need ideas on how to make your life better?  This lunar eclipse highlighting the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is ideal for finding new inspiration.  Spend some time meditating on new ideas.  When Mercury becomes direct after December 14th you can begin to try these new ideas and to put the good ones into action. 

New Years eve will be a powerful time when Mercury transits over the eclipse point of 18 degrees Sagittarius.  When an eclipse point is activated by a transit the power of that planet is added to the eclipse dynamics.  In this case, it is an even stronger emphasis on communication and truth.  However, on New Year’s eve Mercury is direct, not retrograde as it was previously.  It is time to put your ideas into action. 

Remember that square of the December 10 lunar eclipse to transiting Mars?  By December 31, 2011, Mars is partile (within one degree) of an exact square of the eclipse point.  It would be wise to continue to watch your words and actions so that you do not stir up unnecessary trouble.  However, the good news of a Mars square is that you will be challenged to put your ideas into action.  Good ideas along with action can go a long way to propel you toward your goals!

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123 comments to Full Moon Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011 in Gemini

  • kannon64

    Hi, Thank you so much for posting this information on the eclipse. I am a Virgo born 8/30/64, Cleveland, Ohio. I had relationship problems with my significant other 10/28/63, same city and state, starting in June. Both of us were having communication problems, both lost jobs, major relationship upset around October 1st. Both of us are going through major transformations now. How will the coming months affect our ability to communicate?

    • Ruby

      Hello Kannon64, The astrological reason that your problems started in June was that there were major squares between the outer planets. Some of that energy is still affecting both of you.

      The main cause of the relationship problem is that Mars has been transiting your Uranus/Mercury and Pluto and your partner’s Pluto. A Mars transit tends to make us angry and resentful. Little things that wouldn’t affect us so much otherwise can become major flash points under a Mars transit. Because Mars is conjunct both your planets, each of you are over-reactive. You tend to react by wanting to leave and then becoming controlling. Your partner would tend to become controlling also. Because all of the planets are in Virgo, you both become rather nit picking with each other. Not a happy scenario. The good news is that Mars is now moving past its contact with your planets so you should feel an easing in that area. The time around the eclipse was undoubtedly very hard. However, now that Mars is moving on, you should be able to communicate in a more normal manner and rebuild your relationship if you can both let go of old anger and resentments.

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    Moon Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011 in Gemini […]

  • gemini08

    me (8-June-89) and my partner (9-January-90) have been having problems, especially after the 1st june eclipse. What would this eclipse bring for us. The problems seem to be mounting on. Thnaks.!

  • Redemption

    Hi Astroherb,

    I am a Sagittarius with Capricorn ascendant. I have had a great year so far perhaps one of the best in recent memory. I am transforming physically and emotionally but there is something I still have to deal with concerning my heart. I am in love with a Libra for a long long time and I am sitting back and waiting for a sign but it has been months and months and nothing. Part of me feels I should move on the other part feels that I should wait a little longer. Transformations have been very significant in my life. I am even considering moving country next year.

    • Ruby

      Hello Redemption, As you may know, Pluto is transiting over your ascendant and first house so you are definitely in a time of transformation. I am happy to hear that it is working well for you. The eclipse fell on your 6th/12th house axis with the eclipse Sun conjunct your Neptune in the 12th house and sextile your natal Pluto in your 9th house. This is an indication that it is time to give up things from the past that are no longer benefiting you. There seems to be a strong connection also to things spiritual or in some way mind expanding such as travel. As far as the Libra, you may have to directly ask him where he stands. Libra men often will not make the first move in such matters unless there are other indications of a more aggressive nature in his chart.

      • Redemption

        Thank you very much for your reply Astroherb.

        It is working so far very well and I hope it continues throughout 2012. It has been a good year but also very interesting. This Libra has been in my life since Feb 2010 and it is a very very powerful attraction. However, I feel and correct me if I am wrong, the lunar eclipse will be responsible for cleaning up my relationship sector during the next maybe months or weeks? I tend to read around that this lunar eclipse will clean everything that is not beneficial for me even if it means loss it is always with the intention of protecting me.

        I have taken the first step and I am waiting. I had a sign and I acted on it and it has been a month. However I do feel something will happen. I feel it is a karmic attraction one that this person is trying to avoid and repress but my intuition tells me that he is about to give in. Whether I am right or wrong we will see. Deep down I know I have made everything in my power to get this person in my life and if it does not work then it is just not meant to be.

  • Redemption

    Oh I was born on the 20/12/78 in Lisbon, Portugal between and 8.30. My mum says it was 8.30 am but I need to confirm.

    • Redemption

      Hi Astroherb. My mum confirmed me the actual time and it was between 7 am and 7.30 am and makes me a Sagittarius ascendant as well hence why all these changes have been so powerful. Does this sound right to you?

      • Ruby

        Redemption, I used 7:15 in my calculations. Though not right on, it would be close enough to get a good idea of the energy.

  • Michele

    I came across your website this morning and have stayed on it for 4 hours so far. Amazing. Very well organized and very easy to read. I started getting into astrology a few years back and it has become a sort of therapist in life. I have had a defining 2 1/2 years, bittersweet. I lost my job(s), went through an on again off again time with a love relationship, got pulled over for a DUI, had to move back in with parents to pay for a lawyer and get back on my feet. This was completely unexpected, as these things didn’t happen to me. I moved out from my parents house a week after I turned 18, I had a steady, high paying job at the age of 23 that lasted until June 2009 and then things changed. I lost my job  and found myself wandering, in and out of positions that at the time I resented. Badly. In June (30th) of 2009 I also met a boy. A boy who became very important me and still is to this day. It was instant. Which was unlike me as well. I usually fall for friends, actually I always fall for my friends. I’m in love with man and feel an overwhelming urge to be with him. We both allow a lot of freedom with each other (Loosely-me-Uranus con DSC, he-Uranus con ASC. We started have problems in July, decide to “take a break” in August and pretty much stop talking and seeing each in September…but not for long. We seem to pull to each other. We’ve talked many times about the oddness of “us”.

    I find astrology fascinating. Although sometimes it makes me feel a sense of dread. I have never had a reading from an astrologer because honestly it’s overwhelming to try to find one or pick from a million websites. This site is the first one I’ve come across that after spending time on it I wanted a reading. I was hoping you could point me in the right direction on what kind of reading I should get? I have been GETTING ROCKED the last couple of years. I did a solar return chart, progressed chart & compared it to my natal chart. I see a lot of contacts to almost all my natal signs but I’m not really sure what is all means. So…I’m hoping you’ll be able to shed some light. I had the last eclipse conjunct my descendant, this eclipse is moon conjunct (1st house)north node by 2 degrees, moon/sun trine Aqu MC exactly, trine Mars in Libra (5th house) by one degree…and inconjunct my natal Venus at 17’48 Scorpio. So you see lots of contacts but I’m not sure how explain it other than lots of relationship stuff which scare the hell out of me. I’m really ready to settle down and get things back on track in my life. Any incite would be most appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing you!
    Tampa, FL, USA
    Kingstree, SC, USA

    • Ruby

      Hello Michele, I’m glad you found value in my website. I really love astrology and hopefully it shows!

      Though I can only skim the surface here, several things are going on. Transiting Mars is conjunct his natal Mars. He may be a little quicker at reacting to almost anything and may have become more critical (natal Mars in Virgo). The transiting Nodes are on your natal N/S Nodal axis in the 1st and 7th houses (which are further activated by the eclipse). This has to do with letting go of habitual reactions and to move toward acting in a way that fulfills your purpose in life (N Node in Gemini and Gemini ascendant- communication, communication, communication).

      This eclipse was sextile his Pluto that is conjunct your Mars. Mars/Pluto contacts can make for a very exciting relationship, but can also be very volatile. The overriding glue in your relationship is his Neptune on your 7th house stellium. In many ways he tends to idealize you and you feel that idealization. I believe that the key to your relationship is honest communication. Communication can become fuzzy when there is a Neptune contact between two people.

      There is a lot going on here, too much to talk about in such a short space. If you decide to have a reading send me an email. I would suggest a comprehensive reading that takes into account your natal chart, the transits, progressions and solar return. If you want me to look at the synastry of the two of you in more detail it would be best to get his permission. Otherwise, I cannot ethically go into detail about his chart. I hope this quick comment helped.

  • nseaich

    Dear Astroherb,
    Thank you so much for your informative blog!. My ex-boyfriend is Gemini and I am capricorn. We started our relationship on June 1st.. he broke up with me on September 28th. He seems to be on the fence wanting to come back but I have avoided him as I am still trying to get over the heartbreak. He is showing all the signs of haven been affected by the eclipse.. (we work together so I see him often although I aviod talking to him .. he still tries to get me to interact and on Nov. 28th tried to get me to go for a drive so we could talk about our feelings – I declined) The question is I am REALLY confused.. some sites say that this full moon lunar eclipse might push him toward commitment or relationships. My horoscope says I might get engaged and my life might change this December .. I don’t want to hope but can’t help to wonder .. some sites say he will come to a decision.. others say he will leave for good.. 🙁 He won’t let go of me .. but won’t come back? .. so I keep my distance.

    Please help me and give me your opinion if you can .. I know you are busy but I dunno who else I could ask that actually knows what this planetary Gemini-Sagitarius trends mean.

    Still heartbroken .. confused and hurt. Just want an educated opinion and answers


    • Ruby

      Hello Nseaich, I really don’t have enough information to offer a valid astrological opinion. Please give me some idea when and where you and your ex-boyfriend were born. However, I can say just from your sun signs. Me is Mercurical. His ideas and thoughts change with the wind. However, that doesn’t mean he does or does not care for you. Just that he reacts more from his intellect than from his emotions. As a Capricorn you want things all tidy and wrapped up and logically put together. You will not get that with a Gemini. That is not how they are wired. It doesn’t mean you couldn’t be happy with him if it were to work out. It just means that you need to be aware of your differences so that you can understand each other better. Because of that you might reconsider your decision not to let him speak his mind. At least you will have a better idea where you stand with him and not always wonder.

      • nseaich

        Thank you for your response astroherb.

        My ex-boyfriend was born in Utah May 28. I was born in Tampico Mexico December 29. He came back to see me again on December 23rd, 2011 after not having hardly any contact with him for almost 3 months.

        He had b-day / Christmas gifts for me and had been trying to get my attention for about a month. We spent hours together on the 23rd and by the end of the night, passions were high, he said he misses me and has been miserable for months without me, he’s cried with his parents because he does not understand why he could not feel in love with me all the time and that is why he ended it. He wants to talk after the holidays as we are both gonna be out of town (I was suppose to see him today but cancelled. I’m so scared to see him as I don’t know how to react) –

        The day after we kissed a ton he texted me a lot and kept saying he wants us to talk to see what happens between us and implied a bunch of times that maybe we would end up back together.. (he was VERY passionate and very open emotionally as he had never been before) .. most of the time during our relationship he would try to keep himself under control and not show me how he truly felt about me or how attracted he was to me.. only some times.. not this last time.. he was very much forward and full on and very outspoken about how he feels about me.. I would assume that is because of Venus on his 8th house and the Dec 26 eclipse on his 8th house?. He was also very jealous and trying to find out about my dating life.

        I dunno. I agree with you .. I need to find the courage to talk to him but I am so scared to have him reject me again.. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond .. my heart is pounding as I write this .. he has such power over me when it comes to my feelings for him .. i feel like a littl epuppy when he is around.. 🙁

  • flower

    Hello astroherb,
    This is GREAT information and yes, you are right, he does see all the problems very emotional as if the world was going to end. I cannot bring anything up about what I need because he blames me from being too demanding. He is not even helping me financially at all. The strange thing is that he is still there calling and sending mixed messages about us. Doesn’t want to be there but some times talks about “us”. What do you think this will lead to? also, he didn’t want the baby at all and wanted me to have an abortion. Because i didn’t give him an option, he was very upset and not wanting the baby at all and then took it against me. If you see his chart.. he has Jupiter in the 5th house in Virgo. His wheel of fortune in the 5th house. The baby was born on August 31, 2011 in Seattle at 7:02pm. So the baby has Virgo with raising sign Aquarius and his moon in Libra in the 8th house. Seems the baby and the father have many things in common and that the son should be the father’s treasure. However, the father has not done anything for the son. Where do you think this is leading?

    • Ruby

      Hello Flower, Unfortunately, Jupiter in the 5th house can sometimes mean someone who never grows up, but who always wants to play, play, play. In addition his Pluto in the 4th conjunct Venus shows that due to childhood issues, he has a less than optimistic view of the family foundation. Until and, if, he somehow grows up (not a function of age), I don’t see a lot of future with him. In the meantime do what is best for yourself. Take steps to make the best life possible for you and your baby. You are no longer just you, but you are you and the baby. His talk about “us” doesn’t mean much unless he includes all three of you as “us.” Good luck in making your life work.

      • flower

        Astroherb, thank you so much for your advice. You are very good with Astrology. I am very impressed! It is good to be realistic. Makes me sad for me and the baby but as you say life needs to continue. Any idea as to how he could “grow up” or make him react?

      • Ruby

        Flower, Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, there is no way to make your baby’s father grow up. That is out of your hands. You could make him react, but that would only be a temporary solution. You need more permanence from a significant other. For now concentrate on what is best for you and the baby.

  • goooteam

    I have just recently started reading astrology and I agree with the comments- it is fascinating! I am a Gemini and my significant other is a Capricorn and I have been intrigued just reading many comments of Geminis and Capricorns having problems. We have one of those on/off again relationships, and as most may know it isn’t very fun. Is there a specific reason this is happening? Is this something that can/will pass? I am may 29. 89 he is jan 18, 87.

    • Ruby

      Hello Goooteam, First of all the energy of Gemini and Capricorn is very different. Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury. As such it gets bored easily, likes to gather lots and lots of information and doesn’t want to be bogged down. Capricorn is an earth signed ruled by Saturn. It likes time to process information, wants things to be finished before it moves on to the next thing (project, thought, etc.). Too much information at once overwhelms it. A Gemini living with a Capricorn has to learn patience, while the Capricorn must learn to appreciate the Gemini’s versatility of thought and action.

      In your example, your partner has Saturn in opposition to their Chiron. It is also in opposition to your Jupiter. Your optimistic, free wheeling Gemini style could bring out all of their insecurities (Saturn opposing Chiron). The last eclipse, which feel at 18 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius could have brought those insecurities to the forefront.

      • goooteam

        Thank you so much for your reply! It’s strange because I feel like insecurities play into our relationship, and without it we would have no problems. The problem is that although I thought I was worse then him, and only recently have I started analyzing it with your perspective. The relationship troubles bring me down, I feel like I’m “wearing my emotions” and that has never happened before. Now it’s at the point that I just want to move forward- with or without him, even though I feel like he will have regrets. I noticed that Jupiter will enter Gemini near my birthday. Is it only then that I will start feeling better? I don’t like this Jupiter in my 12th house and Saturn in my 5th combination! I have learned, definitely. However, I’m ready for it to come to an end already!

  • torotwin

    HeLlo.. I was wondering if you could quickly look at my chart and tell me what I need to look for with regards to any planet placements which would shed some light on my relationship house? I went through a terrible breakup in July and thought it would get sorted out but didn’t so now I am just trying to find any positive hits or at least what planets I need to watch and where they should be for anything good to happen as july to now has been very difficult..dob may 6,1968 79w51 43N15..thank you for your time..

    • Ruby

      Torotwin, I can give a more accurate answer if you send me your birth time or let me know your ascendant degree. Thanks

    • Ruby

      Hello Torotwin, Looking at your chart for July 6, 2011, transiting Moon was conjunction your natal Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 4th house of home and transiting Pluto was in your 7th house of relationships. These are classic signs that an emotional (Moon) upheaval (Uranus/Pluto) could be part of the picture.

      Transiting Pluto will remain in your 7th house for several years. This indicates that you need to do some deep work around relationships. You versus the other person, etc. How can you be in a relationship without losing yourself? That transiting Pluto is trine your natal Venus and transiting Jupiter in the 11th house. It would be a good time to pay more attention to friends and those around you who understand and want to help. Through such contacts you will learn more about yourself in relation to others.

      Transiting Mars has been conjunct your natal Pluto/Uranus conjunction since the last week in December and will remain there until around February 24, when it retrogrades away from the conjunction. You may find yourself going over and over old business with much anger until June 14 when it once again conjuncts your natal Pluto and then Uranus on June 25. At that time you should be able to move forward either alone or with your partner.

      I would urge you to spend some time becoming familiar with your Pluto/Uranus conjunction. This would indicate that you had a quite disruptive childhood. Therefore, you are attracting relationships based on this worldview. As you understand more about yourself you can project a more positive, whole person into future relationships (or the current one if it works out). As far as your current relationship, with Pluto transiting your 7th house trine natal Pluto/Uranus only a COMPLETE transformation of your current relationship will allow it to grow. Both of you must be ready for some very deep work, if the relationship is to survive in a healthy way.

  • torotwin

    Thank you for your reply time is 8:45am hamilton, ontario..thank you for your time, much appreciated

  • torotwin

    Thank you very much for your in depth review.. I was hoping for better news, but will have to look to June in hopes things will get better. My partner has moved on and I am trying but I find women do not move on as quickly as men. I will try and make sense of the conjunction pl\ur.. Thank you again for your time, it is appreciated

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