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The moon is currently in Capricorn

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011 in Gemini

The moon in this full moon lunar eclipse falls at 18 degrees in the sign of Gemini with the eclipse Sun at 18 degrees Sagittarius.  Communication (Gemini) and speaking your truth (Sagittarius) are in the spotlight.  With Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, retrograde at 4 degrees Sagittarius at the time of the eclipse and with the Sun in Sagittarius, we must be mindful of how we speak that truth.  Mercury retrograde can garble our words and the Sun in Sagittarius can cause uncensored words that can be hurtful to others.  In addition the eclipse is square (challenge) transiting Mars (aggression, anger, action), a classic configuration for “hasty words long regretted.”

Obviously, the days around the eclipse are not a good time to hold important discussions, especially those in which hurt feelings or righteous anger could result. 

It is much better to use this time to become aware of your own truth to yourself.  Many of you are going through rather difficult Pluto transits (deep transformation) that often involve loss of all your carefully built structures such as jobs, relationships and a clear sense of self.  Though Pluto transits can be devastating, they are useful in getting rid of those things in our life that no longer serve us or that have served their purpose.  

This lunar eclipse is an excellent time to deeply consider how you wish to rebuild the structure of your life.  That is, what worked in the past but no longer works?  What can I salvage and what should I let go of.  What would I really like my life to look like now and in the future?  How can I take baby steps toward that life? 

Need ideas on how to make your life better?  This lunar eclipse highlighting the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is ideal for finding new inspiration.  Spend some time meditating on new ideas.  When Mercury becomes direct after December 14th you can begin to try these new ideas and to put the good ones into action. 

New Years eve will be a powerful time when Mercury transits over the eclipse point of 18 degrees Sagittarius.  When an eclipse point is activated by a transit the power of that planet is added to the eclipse dynamics.  In this case, it is an even stronger emphasis on communication and truth.  However, on New Year’s eve Mercury is direct, not retrograde as it was previously.  It is time to put your ideas into action. 

Remember that square of the December 10 lunar eclipse to transiting Mars?  By December 31, 2011, Mars is partile (within one degree) of an exact square of the eclipse point.  It would be wise to continue to watch your words and actions so that you do not stir up unnecessary trouble.  However, the good news of a Mars square is that you will be challenged to put your ideas into action.  Good ideas along with action can go a long way to propel you toward your goals!

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123 comments to Full Moon Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011 in Gemini

  • OfftheWall

    Thank you for the information on the upcoming eclipse AstroHerb. I have my sun at 18 degree capricorn in the 3rd house. Does that mean the eclipse will impact my sun? Second, how will the eclipse affect my friend. DOB: April, 8th, 1972, 17:05 pm, Rio, Brazil

    • Ruby

      Hello OffTheWall, The December 10 lunar eclipse will be in a semi-sextile to your Sun in Capricorn. This is a fairly weak aspect, so you will not feel it strongly unless other planets or chart points are involved.

      The December 10, 2011 eclipse does not directly affect your friend. Pluto is transiting their 4th house of home and family matters so they may be going through something with regard to real estate and/or family matters.

  • purple_purse

    Hi, the eclipse on 1st June resulted in some major relationship problems, which my partner and I are still negotiating(with the help of counselling) we are both Gemini, I am 31/5/72, he is 3/6/78. I was wondering if this eclipse going to make things harder or easier for us to sort things out? It looks like that weekend might not be the best for discussing our relationship problems though! Thanks

    • Ruby

      Dear purple purse, You are your partner have been under strain due to the transits of Pluto, Saturn and the eclipses. The Solar eclipse of June 1 fell right on your partner’s Sun so that was a major happening for him.

      I don’t think the time right around the eclipse is the best time to sort out some of these issues because a lunar eclipse brings a lot of emotional energy with it and with Mercury retrograde misunderstandings can happen very easily. You both have a nice Venus transit at that time and also a nice Sun/Neptune/Mercury contact. It would be a good time to go out together and enjoy a little light hearted fun if that is an option and to get to know each other again in a friendly way. Over all, your charts look fairly positive for working things out.

  • astar

    HI, My sun in Gemini is the same degree as the December 10th eclipse as well as my north node in Sagittarius is 19 degrees..will this be bad for me as both north node and sun touch the same degree?


    • Ruby

      Hello Astar, The eclipse right on your Sun and North Node in itself would not tell whether the eclipse will feel good or bad. I would need to see the rest of the chart to determine how it will affect you. What is certain is that it is a very important happening for you. With the North Node involved it most likely will have something to do with your purpose in life. You may be called to give something up in order to move closer to that purpose. This in itself, is neither good nor bad. Of course, with the Gemini/Sagittarius axis there is also a strong emphasis on communication and learning or teaching.

      A lunar eclipse fell on your Sun and North Node on December 9, 1973 and again on December 9, 1992. Did anything of importance happen in your life at under those eclipses? This eclipse will be different than that earlier ones, but it may have some similarities.

  • capri


    I love your comments on eclipses and I have one question. I was born with asc 17 Gemini in conjunction with mars (31.12.1975, 14.30, Belgrade, YU) and this gemini eclipse is in conjunction with almost my whole natal chart! What is also interesting, recently I have published a book and by late December we are going to have an official book promotion. Can this eclipse somehow negatively influence it?


    • Ruby

      Hello Capri, I believe the eclipse will be quite auspicious for you in your publishing and promotion efforts. You will suddenly be in the limelight (Eclipse trine midheaven) and there could be lots of activity (Eclipse conjunct Mars and ascendant). Be aware that you could encounter an angry person or you yourself may be quicker to anger than usual (conjunct Mars). The eclipse is sextile natal Jupiter so it could be the first step toward your hopes and wishes so long as you put in the necessary work. As with all lunar eclipses, you may have to let go of something in order to move toward something else.

  • Luckylucy

    Hi, my mercury is 18 degrees of Gemini and my Venus is 24 degrees of Gemini. Both are in my 10th house. My sun is in the 10th house also but in Taurus at 27 degrees. How will the December 10th, 2011 ecplise effect me?

    • Ruby

      Hello LuckyLucy, The eclipse conjunct your natal Mercury will certainly emphasize communication in some way, especially regarding your career. If you need to have a talk with anyone at work, iit would be best to wait until after December 14 when Mercury goes direct.

      Because of the polarity of the eclipse, matters at home will also be in the spotlight. There could be conflicts between your duties at home and your duties at work.

  • Luckylucy

    Forgot to all my DOB: 05/18/1962 at 12:40PM, Philadelphia, PA

  • purple_purse

    Dear Astroherb, thank you very much for your advice, we’ll stick to light hearted fun and stay clear of heavy talks! Really appreciate your reply and your wisdom.

  • orlamas

    Thank you so much for your informative post. Just a quick question–I’ve got 0.27’degree gemini in my 11th house and it trines mercury, venus and mars all within 2 degrees in my 3rd. but it squares my sun. (dob:8/29/76 nyc) I’m hoping to wrap up a book (my first) that I’ve been working on for the past 2 yrs. I plan to promote it come the new year. Is this eclipse auspicious for furthering my goal?

    • Ruby

      Hello Orlamas, I show natal Jupiter at 0.27 degree Gemini in the 10th house conjunct the 11th house? Very nice energy in that the efforts you make (public promotion – 10th) will bring you closer to your goals (11th house). The trine is an ease that can come to you without much effort on your part. Trines are nice, easy energy. The danger with a trine is that we can tend to coast along with them and not put in the necessary effort. The square to your Sun is a challenge. That challenge will hopefully push you to put in the effort to bring about the desired results. It is actually a rather nice configuration–a challenge coupled with easy energy. It appears to be a good year. In any case, you will be doing lots and lots of talking and communicating.

  • orlamas

    Oops sorry AstroHerb I forgot my time of birth — 3:33 a.m. Thanks for any response you might have!

  • astar

    Thanks for your response..My b-day is 6-8-74 3:31pm..I don’t recall anything happening in 1992..since my sun and NN is at the same degree..I am a little concerned..

    • Ruby

      Astar, I’m glad you wrote back regarding your concerns. I don’t see anything in your chart to cause concern. Unlike other eclipse, this eclipse is not an especially harsh one. I would expect that you will begin to think more deeply about what you value in your life. Also, you may notice that you are using things that you learned in the past (or past life if you so believe) that relate to communication, such as writing, speaking, teaching, etc. You could even start to earn money from such things.

  • astar

    Thank you Astroherb for your kind response…

  • maryanne

    Hello my mercury is 22degree in gemini in my eighth house.I had a big loss in the family a little girl 7 years old my brothes child.probably due to the eclipse in july 1st that was exactly on my natal sun in my 8th house as well.I don’t want any more bad news with these 8th house eclipse conj my mercury hopefully not.
    Thank you wish the best to all….

    • Ruby

      Maryanne, Though this eclipse is conjunct your Mercury in the 8th house, the energy around this eclipse is completely different than the energy around the eclipse of July 1. The July 1 eclipse was part of a grand square involving the eclipse Sun and Moon, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. That was some very hard energy. By contrast, you will most likely feel the December 10 eclipse as a possible communication from someone. This could have to do with a friend, a group, or something to do with your goals. This communication could create a challenge, but it can be dealt with. I would not expect it to be anything that warrants worry on your part.

  • maryanne

    Me again i forgot to give in my birth date in case…..3rd of july 1969 Toronto Canada 15:30

    Thank you again!!!

  • momoftwo

    Hi, my birthdate is 12/21/70 and I have an Aries ascendant. The June eclipses really effected my relationship with my husband, a fellow sag. I am concerned that the Dec 10th eclipse will bring about events that will make things worse. Should I hibernate through it or is there some possibility that it will be positive??? Thanks for any insight you can offer!

    • Ruby

      Hello Momoftwo, This eclipse will not have a big effect on your chart. I would just be careful because of Mercury retrograde and the aspects to Mars. That advice would apply to everyone to some extent.

      The June eclipses had transiting Mars on your Saturn and transiting Saturn on your Moon/Uranus conjunction. Plus the June 15 eclipse was square your Pluto and conjunct/opposite your Sun. Much different energy as it relates to your chart.

  • maryann

    i would love any insight you could shed on my son being affected by the dec 10 lunar eclipse. his sun sign is 10 degrees pisces and his rising sign is 5 degrees gemini.
    thank you!!

    • Ruby

      Hello Maryann, I can’t give a definitive answer without a birth time and place. However, your son’s 10 degree Pisces Sun and his 5 degree Gemini rising are not within the orb of the eclipse, which is at 18 degrees Gemini. Typically you use a fairly small orb when reading an eclipse chart. Unless there are other factors in the birth chart that are in aspect to the eclipse, I doubt if he will feel much at all.

  • EricKNSeattle

    Ok, I’ll join in: I was born 2/12/1967 sometime in the early morning hours. Any thoughts? I can definitely relate to the tear down of structure. Don’t even know where to begin to rebuild. I can’t even find the first brick to start the rebuild.

    • Ruby

      Hello Eric, Though I didn’t have a birthplace or accurate time of birth, it is clear that the transits of Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn have been playing a major role in your life because of their aspect to your natal Saturn. It is possible that they were also in aspect to your ascendant and midheaven (depending on your time of birth and birth place). Pluto is now past the strongest aspect. Transiting Uranus which has been conjunct your natal Saturn is now moving past that conjunction. The worst is over.

      A Saturn/Uranus conjunction is like driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake and not being able to see where you are going. The tendency of the natal Saturn is to try to preserve the status quo and to be very aware of limitation. Transiting Uranus (in Aries) is all about full speed ahead even if you don’t know where you are going. That is, “any action is better than no action.” A Uranus transit pushes us to try things in a new way and to be inventive. I would urge you to try things outside your comfort zone to become unstuck.

      The December 10 eclipse is square the midpoint of your Venus/Chiron conjunction in Pisces. It is time to break away from what others expect of you (Saturn), and from your own wounds (Chiron). It is time to use your unique perspective and inventiveness (Sun in Aquarius and transiting Uranus) to move toward that which feeds your soul (Moon in Pisces). Staying in the status quo is no longer an option.

  • maryann

    his birth time is 10:10 am st. charles il.

  • sandeeps


    Can you please tell me if the lunar eclipse on 10th Dec will in anyway be harmfull to me or my family?

    DOB: 03/05/1971, 11.35AM IST, Madras (Chennai), India.

    Thank you,


    • Ruby

      Sandeep, The December 10 eclipse falls in your 1st (Moon) and 7th (Sun) houses. It could bring up issues around yourself versus significant others in your life. That is, how can you emotionally fulfill yourself (Moon) while interacting in a positive way with those who are close to you. The eclipse also squares your natal Sun in the 10th house and squares transiting Mars in the 4th house of home. The challenging square to Mars could bring up some anger around things connected with family. The square to the Sun could bring issues with the public or your career. Remember that squares are challenges. It just means that there may be some things that may need to be worked out in those areas.

  • happycap

    Hello there Astroherb. I am new to studying astrology, but have already learned that pluto is transforming me with saturns influence keeping things slow and steady! What i really want to know is when will the hard yards be done? Have the new job, family member seriously unwell and pending major surgery for me next year – surely it’s coming to an end? My birthdata is 30/12/70, 4am, Gore NZ. Also, does having my north node hit the same degree and sun sign as a male friend mean a fated type relationship? (24 Aquarius)
    Thank you for your informative posts 🙂

    • Ruby

      Hello Happycap, Welcome to the never-ending study of astrology. I’m sure you will find it rewarding. Pluto is not only transforming you by its transit through your first house and conjunctions with your natal Sun and Mercury, but your natal Pluto is also opposed by transiting Uranus. Unfortunately the Pluto transit through your first house will not ease up until December 2012. It is now 1 degree away from a conjunction with your natal Sun and will go through a retrograde period before it finally goes direct at that time. The best way to deal with these hard transits is to surrender as much as possible to the process. When it is finally over and you get your bearings, you will be able to rebuild your life in a more fulfilling way.

      As far as your surgery, transiting Mars is now sextile your natal Mars. You might want to get a second opinion when it is sextile your natal Venus between January 11 and 21. After that it goes retrograde until April 14. You may want to avoid that time period if you do need to schedule surgery. Also avoid scheduling surgery at a full moon (more chance of bleeding).

      Your male friend’s Sun at the same degree as your North Node could indicate a rather fated relationship, though not so much someone from a past life (that would be South Node). He is here to teach you how to express the more unusual, inventive, quirky side of yourself (NN in Aquarius). I find it very interesting that transiting Neptune has been conjuncting your NN for quite some time. That would also indicate that you drew him to you for your soul’s growth.

      Good luck through 2012. Just remember that through all the trials, you will find yourself in a more integrated, solid place when it is over.

      • happycap

        Thank you so much Astroherb. In the past few months i have definitely felt the necessity to ‘go with the flow’ which is not easy for this happycap! But I feel that surrendering is the answer as well as listening within. Regarding my health, I am concerned how often I am in pain and surgery seems to be the best remedy for my problem. I am currently liaising with various authorities on how to deal with it. (Dec 10th eclipse in my 6th house, Gemini) I wonder if I things will calm down for me while pluto is retrograde, or are there more health challenges to come?
        The bond I have with my Aquarian friend is the most confusing and intriguing (?neptune) dynamic I have ever encountered. We met on 24th December 2009, one week before the blue moon and i remember receiving soul messages at the time but not knowing what they meant. You are right, i truly believe he is in my life to guide me on my NN path, but I wonder if this will develop into a love relationship? (His DOB 14/02/67, Invercargill, NZ,12 noon) We don’t live in the same city and communication between us has been on/off at times, but there is this undeniable pull between us. We will see each other over the Christmas holidays and I am hoping the new moon in capricorn on 24th December shines well on me! Once again, thank you for your insights.

      • Ruby

        Dear Happycap, A retrograde planet is usually a time to catch our breathe and to process what we have already learned or experienced. When it goes direct, it becomes more active. As far as your friend, Neptune contacts are always confusing and can lead to a strong pull between two people. I sometimes call it the “love at first sight” aspect if other things in the chart point to that possibility. However, there is usually a quality of confusion around the relationship and hesitation in taking an active stance. New moons are a time to start things so that is good. It is also a time of clarity, whereas a full moon always clouds things with emotion. It is certainly interesting as your NN is on his Sun and his NN is on your Vertex and Saturn. His Neptune on your Venus means that he idealizes your feminine qualities in some way. You might want to also watch any favorable transits to around 22 to 24 degrees Scorpio and see what develops at that time.

  • astro

    hello, my birthdate is June, 15th, 1974, around 2:00 pm, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and I would like any insight regarding the dec 10 lunar eclipse on my chart?
    Thank You!

    • Ruby

      Hello Astro, The December 10 eclipse falls on your North and South Nodal axis in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. The eclipse completes an 18-1/2 year cycle of the transits of the Moon’s nodes. You were born between a partial solar eclipse and a total solar eclipse in June of 1974. This is a very significant time for you. Somehow, I get the feeling that you are about to “bust loose’ in some way and to move toward your true life purpose. Witth all of your Gemini and Sagittarius planets, I feel it could have to do with something in the communication field or publishing, etc. This is further shown by your Sun in the 9th house conjunct your natal South Node. You definitely have some knowledge about these things from the past. Also, some knowledge or fascination with spirituality or higher mind matters.

      Saturn has been conjunct your natal Uranus in your first house. This is another indication that it is time to put a foundation under your unique individuality. That is, time to let your true self shine!

      • astro

        I hate my job, I am looking for change in my life, but there is nothing on the horizon. Is there any luck with my work or life?? Especially after Neptune transits 10th house or Jupiter will enters Gemini??

      • astro

        My birthdate is June, 15th, 1974, female, around 2:00 pm, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Thanks

      • Ruby

        Hello astro, I think that 2:00 pm may be the wrong birth time as that gives you a Libra ascendant and Neptune will not transit your 10th house for a long time. In any case, Saturn has been conjuncting your natal Uranus, which would cause feelings of being restricted and wanting to break free from the restrictions. At this time, Saturn is retrograding back over the Uranus and will then finally go forward over Uranus once again. Once it moves on into the late (28 and 29) degrees of Libra you should be able to make some changes in your life.

  • xrayvision

    Hi AstroHerb- I am new to your site and I absolutely LOVE IT! I am somewhat perplexed @ the moment having recently quit smoking (cold turkey) after 40 years of puffing. My partner of 13 years quit as well. Many feelings of dissatisfaction have been surfacing. For me, they have been in the back of my mind and relatively easily dismissed over the years. Now they are on the tip of my tongue and leaking out. There are a dozen attributes which i can acknowledge about him and be grateful for. There are another dozen which leave me feeling disenchanted and deserving of someone “better”. The Dec. 10 eclipse through to the Dec. 31 Mars partile point have me wondering if somethings gonna give either in my love life or publishing endeavors which, until now, have been less than prolific. Me: 6/10/54, 4:47pm, Woonsocket, RI, USA. Cid: 9/19/1950, 5:08pm, Providence RI, USA.

    • Ruby

      Hello Xrayvision, Congratulations on quitting smoking!

      Regarding your relationship, transiting Uranus (change and freedom) is transiting your 5th house of love given. Uranus is hard on relationships as it stirs up the type of feelings you are describing “is there something better out there?” In addition, Saturn has been transiting your 12th house and your natal Moon/Neptune in Libra. A natal Moon/Neptune in Libra would tend to idealize their partner and would try to maintain a relationship at all costs, going the extra mile to make it work. Saturn, the planet of realism is shining a hard light on anything that you may have been kidding yourself about. Saturn will be going forward, then retrograde and then forward over your natal Neptune until early August of 2012 when it will finally go direct in aspect to your natal Saturn. That will be a turning point when you must decide what you really want in a relationship–and in life. This transit of Saturn is part of an upcoming Saturn return. It is crucial at a Saturn return to look at your life and to figure out how you want the rest of your life to look. Your dissatisfaction is actually a healthy and a necessary part of moving forward in life.

      Regarding your publishing endeavors, Pluto is conjunct natal Mars in your 3rd house of communications. You need to rethink and transform (Pluto) how you are going about those things. I would suspect that you are being quite aggressive (Mars) in trying to make something happen. A more strategic approach might be worth a try. When the Sun and Mercury transits your 3rd/9th house axis (communications/publishing) right after Christmas through the middle of January be extra alert to new possibilities.

  • a3hourtour

    Thank you for your articles.
    I am wondering about the impact of this eclipse if my birthday is Dec 10.
    (Dec 10, 1954, 10:35 am PST, Los Angeles, CA)
    You mentioned the last two times there was an eclipse in this degree as 1973 and 1992. Both were significant; not only does this oppose my sun but widely conjuncts my moon.
    In 73, my father died within a few months of the eclipse (Dec 73 started his heart attacks) and in 92 I nearly lost a job to someone who was returning from sabbatical; in a few months it became a transfer instead of job loss.
    How is this one different? It lands in my 4th house.
    Thank you

    • Ruby

      Dear a3hourtour, First of all Happy Birthday! This lunar eclipse falls in your 4th and 10th house axis so it highlights your family and career or public standing in the world. That, of course, explains why the previous two eclipses at that degree of the zodiac in 1973 and 1992 had an impact on your family and career life. However, in the 1973 eclipse, transiting Pluto was in your 8th house square transiting Saturn and your nodal axis (plus other aspects). In the 1992 eclipse transiting Mars was conjunct your natal Uranus/Jupiter conjuction in the sixth house of work – a common type of energy for a job loss or change. Interesting to note that natal Jupiter and its trine to transiting Mercury at your midheaven, somewhat protected you from total job loss.

      I feel the current eclipse has a lot to do with finding your true place in the public eye/career area (Sun in Sag in 10th and finding an emotional home (Moon in Gemini in 4th). This is further emphasized by transiting Neptune/Chiron coming to a conjunction of your natal Mars in Pisces. Finding a spiritual path and making it work for you. Letting go of anger to express a new part of yourself and also embracing the unconventional part of yourself (Aquarius ascendant). These themes are also emphasized in your solar return chart.

      Your solar return chart also shows a Pluto/Uranus square from the 1st to 4th house, so I do think that you need to keep an eye on your mother’s health and do what you can to keep her well and to appreciate her as much as possible. That is true for most of us with regard to our aging parents.

  • humblesage

    I’ve been hearing that this will be a very significant eclipse. I am aching for more emotional freedom in my life. I am married to a chronically ill man (DOB 7/24/1944, 12:15am, Kalamazoo, MI) who I love, but whose energy is draining mine. I need to know how to cope and what pattern his deterioration is taking. My DOB: 5/3/1958 3:06pm, Oceanside, NY. Thank you!

    • Ruby

      Humblesage, my heart goes out to you. I can only imagine how difficult that must be to watch someone you love deal with a chronic illness and the toll it takes on you as a caretaker. That care taking role is highlighted now due to Mars transiting the Asteroid Chiron (the wounded healer) in your 4th house of family and natal Moon on the 5th house cusp. Part of what you are feeling now is anger at how things have gone and a deep sense of guilt at feeling that anger. Your Virgo Moon wants to be of service and the Moon/Chiron conjunction brings on immense feelings of guilt when you don’t live up to some impossible level of service.

      The December 10 lunar eclipse is in your first house of self with the Sun in opposition in the 7th house of relationships. It is highlighting the issues of needs of self versus those of your partner. Some of the burden needs to be lifted so you can function as a person separate from your partner.

      Uranus is transiting your 11th house of friends, groups and hopes and wishes. That is fueling your desire for emotional freedom and some sort of reprieve. I would urge you to find a group of people (even if it is only online) that is dealing with similar issues to those you are facing. It will help your sense of isolation and bring new ideas on how to cope or to ease the burden. Having others in a similar situation tell their stories can be very healing (Chiron).

  • torotwin

    Hello.. I have just happened on this site as I was surfing to find any info on the impact of this lunar eclipse..I have minimal understanding of my natal chart but want to know if and how this eclipse may impact me. May 6, 1968 hamilton ont canada.. I have merc and mars approx 9 deg gemini in my 12th.. Also you have touched on a pluto aspect with others here, is that what is causing the last 6 months to be crappy?? Any response would be appreciated and I am pleased that I found this site. Thank you

    • Ruby

      Torotwin, I am a little confused as I show Mercury and Mars conjunct in Taurus in your 11th house. Could you please check the birth information you gave me to make sure it is correct.

  • torotwin

    Sorry I didn’t leave my birth time .. 8:45 am thank you for your consideration

  • maryann

    he was born march 1, 1987

  • jonna


    I am uncomfortable that the eclipse will fall on my Sun, in the tenth house, any insight that you could offer about it.

    My birthdate is 6/9/56….0 degree Virgo Rising. Thank-you.

    • Ruby

      Jonna, I don’t see any cause for major concern. There could be some changes in your career (Moon in 10th), but with the conjunction to your Sun you should have some control over them. There could also be a change in something regarding the 4th house, i.e. family, real estate, life foundation, etc. You might want to look at your life to see if there is anything regarding the 10th and 4th houses that you might want to change and take constructive steps to make those changes.

  • Mystical312

    I was born 3/12/78 8:30pm in Vernon, CT. Can you please tell me if this lunar eclipse will be having any effect on me. The full moon these past 6 months or so has seemed to have a noticeable effects on me. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you!! Christine

    • Ruby

      Mystical312, This eclipse falls on your 2nd/8th house axis. It relates to your values versus the values of others. The Sun is very tightly conjunct your natal Neptune in Sagittarius. A Sun/Neptune conjunction makes you much more sensitive and psychic. Very good for insights but with Neptune you always need to run a reality check on the information you are getting. On a practical level you may find that those things that you once valued are now becoming not so important after all. Very good time to journal or write poetry.

      Uranus has just turned direct in your 6th house of work conjunct your natal Venus/Mercury. Another indication that your values regarding how you make your money may also be changing.

  • fiercedance

    I was wondering – is the eclipse this coming weekend going to affect me? Born May 6, 1957, 5:13p, 88w27 43n46. Thanks!

    • Ruby

      Fiercedance, This eclipse falls on your 3rd and 9th house axis so there seems to be a lot of emphasis around communication, writing, publishing, etc. It makes a sextile to your Chiron in the 5th house. It would be a good time to clear away any old hurts around love and enjoying life in an uninhibited way.

  • Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

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  • jtgorman

    Hi astroherb! I see a strange connection in my individual chart as well as me and my partners composite due to the eclipse…

    My info: Feb 5 1984 11:15am
    His Sept 4 1985 11:29pm
    It affects the 1st-7th axis in my chart and our composite. What could this mean? We currently are not talking due to issues related to a love triangle. We were to cut ties and move forward together on a better stronger note, but he has been silent and unheard from. In my chart the NN is transiting SN territory. What could all this mean for us in our newrelationship endeavors and myself individually…..?

    • Ruby

      Jtgorman, The other person’s Uranus is conjunction your South Node and Uranus and transiting North Node is exactly conjunct their Uranus in the 11th house of love received. In addition, their Chiron is conjunct your North Node in the 5th house of love given and conjunct transiting South Node. You seem to have given and the other person seemed to have taken in many ways. This was a karmic relationship that you drew to you (S Node) to learn a lesson regarding love (Chiron) so that you can move on toward your destiny (N Node). I believe that this eclipse is (Eclipse Sun on your Uranus) making it clear that it is time to move on. Not an easy thing to do in such karmic relationships. However, if you learn the lesson (i.e. how have you grown from this relationship), I believe you can draw a more suitable relationship to you (N Node in 5th).

      • jtgorman

        Sorry astroherb, I need to correct what I just wrote to you. I meant to say, I thought my NN is in my 1st house, and not the 5th house…. I thought the emphasis was on the 1-7 house not 5-11 house. Please help me understand. and what the eclipse might have to say about the potential or hope of reparation between me and the other man involved in this love triangle. Birthdate for me again is Feb. 5 1984 11:15am and his is Aug 12 1985 10:44am Elizabeth, new jersey….

        Thank you again

  • jtgorman

    Ps astroherb, both our birthplace is new York, ny 🙂

    • jtgorman

      Astroherb, you really spoke to my heart about my situation. Amazing. Though we both were giving I def gave alot and do feel that he played a huge role in thrusting me forward closer to my potential and destiny esp with my career. I almost feel like he is my soul mate, but it must be all that karma. My question is, how method or chart did you use to gain the insights bc I believe my NN and thought that the focus was on the 1st and 7th house… Not the 5th and 7th. Please, I would like to understand. And also, do you see any hope of reparation for the other man I have been involved with the situation…. His birth info: Aug 12 1985 1044am Elizabeth, new jersey. I would like to see your insights of our relationship and if it stands a chance….

      Thank u and much love

  • jtgorman

    pps….and astroherb, will he return and will we be able to continue together as a couple?

  • LotusFlowerBomb

    WOW! EVERYTHING and I do mean everything you have written I have and am currently going thru. Birthdate 6-4-66 @4:25pm. I did lose a job, significant relationships ended as well as holding on to past beliefs about myself and am on a quest to redefine it all. Have finally made peace with where I am currently living and releasing all negativity I previously had related it to it. Everything I have been reading lately talks about “Holding Your Peace and not speaking out of anger or wrath” Will remember this. Ironically,my son is a Sagittarius born on 12-7-99 @8:27pm. We deserve a new beginning! I’m feeling that it is truly on the way? Am I right?

    • Ruby

      Hello LotusFlowerBomb, The really good news is that Pluto has moved past its conjunction to your moon. Also of note is the fact that Uranus (planet of separations and sudden changes) is moving past your natal Saturn/Chiron conjunction. Jupiter is also conjunct your natal Venus. I believe you will be able to start to rebuild your life very soon.

  • Aqyarius40

    Hi AstroHerb –

    I was wondering if the Full Moon Ecl. @18 Gem might be beneficial to my Jupiter @ 16 Aquarius? Similar to EricKNSeattle, my life has been torn upside down and inside out these past few years. Nasty transits from Saturn/Uranus in the 2nd and Neptune sitting in my 7th. I haven’t worked at a job in 2 years. I am VERY HOPEFUL I will be working again soon.

    Any thoughts you have would be welcomed.


    1/26/62 @6:58 pm NYC, NY

    • Ruby

      Hello Aqyarius40, The December 10 eclipse makes a trine to your Jupiter and S Node in Aquarius. The lunar eclipse Moon is in your 12th house conjunct transiting S Node and opposing transiting eclipse Sun and N Node in the 6th house. I think this is a definite helpful aspect toward finding a good job and/or setting up your own business as a way to make money. Just remember that a trine requires effort so you must get out there and make yourself visible. With all of your Aquarius planets and with Pisces on the midheaven, I would suggest using positive imaging to bring about the type of life you want to manifest. Also, with a Gemini ascendant and Jupiter and Mercury in the 9th house, you may want to consider some kind of writing or publishing venture until you are able to find the position you want.

      Transiting Uranus in Aries in your 10th house of career just went direct. This should be a big help in moving your career forward. I would payattention to sudden hunches and unusual circumstances (serendipity to find a position. The aspects suggest that a good position could be out there that has been hidden until now. Finally, transiting Jupiter is in your 11th house of hopes and wishes. It will be going direct right after Christmas. All in all, I think your luck may be changing for the better.

  • tivura

    How will the lunar eclipse on December 10 affect me (born 18/6/77 at 5:45 am in Sindri, Jharkhand, India) and my fiancee (14/10/1984, at 2:05 am, Delhi, New delhi, India). Will we be together and get married?

    • Ruby

      Tivura, This eclipse is conjunct your natal Jupiter in the 12th house. Thus, the eclipse falls on your 12th/6th house axis. It will illuminate something that you have kept hidden in your life with beneficial results. Clearing out old, no longer needed, problems, possessions, and ideas will be of benefit especially in the area of your job if you have one. As far as love, transiting Venus is now in your 7th house of marriage, which is a good sign for having a good marriage. I can’t compare your charts in this mini reading because it takes more time than I am able to allocate in this forum.

  • a3hourtour

    Thanks for the insight!
    I have been doing a lot more public mediumship lately- weekly on blogtalkradio and doing some public appearances too. Perhaps that is the new Spiritual direction in connection with career?
    Thanks again; I enjoy the site!

  • maryann

    mother’s are concerned about their kids whether adult or child!

    • Ruby

      Maryann, I realize you are concerned about your son and I applaud you for that. However, it is against my ethics as a member of NCGR, a professional astrological organization, to read a person’s chart when they have not consented. I can read general things (though many of those show up in your chart), but not get into the specifics of what is going on with him. Secondly, I have had over 60 comments about this December 10 eclipse. These mini readings are unpaid! I simply cannot spend the time to read two separate charts in the small time I have to give each commenter. If you would like a personal reading please send me an email.

  • turtlstar

    Wondering if there is a larger significance of having a similar eclipse last year at the solstice. What would the overarching meaning/lessons be from 2010 to 2011 (entering 2012). Its certainly been interesting……

    • Ruby

      Hello Turtlstar, That is a very interesting question. I think the main meaning between the two eclipses would mostly apply to those with planets at 29 degrees (2010) and 18 degrees (2011) in Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. The emphasis in both eclipses would have to do with communication, publishing, spirituality, study, teaching, etc. One would need to apply those keywords to the houses that each eclipse impacted. One could ask one self: What should I be communicating that I am not? How will paying attention to how I communicate help my life? Would studying a new topic bring benefit to my life, etc.

  • swimmingopposites

    Greetings astroherb and everyone else!

    Astroherb, you seem to be really good at what you do 😀 Perhaps you could offer me some advice.

    Having just taken initiative on a long-time yearning to pick up astrology, I am wondering about the type of “magical” astrology books you picked up at 8. I am also thinking of picking up some amateur, but useful, deck of cards (what do you think of these –

    Also, a quick glance at my chart and how the lunar eclipse will affect me would be sooo appreciated! (03/07/1988 @ 21:30 @ San Francisco, CA) Many thanks and blessings to you all!

    • Ruby

      Swimmingopposites, Thank you for your kind words. The December 10 eclipse fells in your 2nd house of value and money earned and the 8th house of money matters not related to earned money. I have to wonder if their has been some kind of issue with family over money that has hurt you in some way (eclipse Moon conjunct Chiron in the 8th house). In any case the eclipse Sun in Sagittarius in our 2nd house opposed to that Chiron indicates it is time to let go of old hurts around money issues and to move forward on your own steam.

      Saturn will soon be going over your ascendant. It is a good time to lose weight if you need to. It is also a good to give yourself time to process things. Watch your health in that it is common to feel somewhat tired or run down with Saturn in the 1st house. Are there supplements you need, diet that needs to be corrected, etc.

      I actually have the Oracle cards you mentioned. They are beautiful but very simple. They are very good to use as flash cards to memorize the planets, signs and houses. The hardest part of astrology is to put everything together. If you have a solid foundation in knowing the planets, signs and houses it makes it much easier to learn to put everything together.

  • dfb

    Hi, I was born 19 March 1975 6am (roughly) Honiara, Solomon Islands.
    My moon is in Gemini, what does this eclipse mean for me? I have recently been feeling unfulfilled and extremely emotional. Any time and help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Ruby

      DFB, The December eclipse fell in your 3rd house of communication, with the eclipse Sun in your 9th house of higher mind, spirituality and travel. Uranus (which just went direct) has been going over your Sun and is now conjunct Jupiter in your first house of self in Pisces. You have probably felt like something was going to happen but then it didn’t. With Uranus now direct, I would urge you to think about who you really are and to begin in express yourself as YOU feel you are, not as others expect you to be.

      Because there is such a strong element of spirituality in this chart, I would also urge you to undertake a deeper exploration of spiritual matters. As far as spiritual matters, I mean spiritual as it relates to your world view not someone else’s view of religion (etc.). The Gemini eclipse Moon squared your Pisces ascendant making it of importance to also express those feelings in some way (writing, dance as communication, poetry, etc).

      • dfb

        Thank you very much. That certainly makes a lot of sense to me. I appreciate the time you took to help me with this.

  • May23_1970

    Hi Astroherb,

    I have an intruiging situation so I am very curious what will happen starting today. This younger guy and I have been flirting since April this year, I want to know whether we will start dating or will have a relationship from this eclipse or not. His birthday is today! December10,1988! Mine is May23,1970.

    • Ruby

      Hello May23, You didn’t give me enough information to give you a good opinion. I do see that his Jupiter falls right on your Sun which is a nice expansive energy if you do get together.

  • torotwin

    Hello and thank you for responding.. Yes I realized my error last night, the info you have is correct. I misread the house.. So I would imagine since I do not have any personal planets in gemini then this eclipse won’t affect me too much? Thank you again

  • snowhite85

    Hi Astroherb, Please tell me the future of my relationship..with a man (DOB 10th, Oct 1977, 00:20 AM, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India)…will this eclipse going to impact my life….(DOB 09th, June 1985, 15:03 PM, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India)…

    • Ruby

      Hello Snowwhite85, Your Sun at 18 degrees Gemini is trine his Sun at 16 degrees Libra. That is a really nice aspect for a relationship as you each bring out the Sun qualities of the other. As both of you are air signs, you probably have lots to talk about and an easy give and take with each other. The eclipse fell right on your Sun and Mercury and was trine his Sun. You may find that your relationship is moving forward as long as you are both willing to let go of old baggage and ways of life in order to move forward. This will be stronger for you than for him.

  • SagTaurLeo

    Hi Astroherb 🙂 i am curious about what this eclipse has in store for me… for the past couple of weeks i have been feeling like something is just beneath the surface, just around the corner, unable to focus, very anxious! The energy became very intense on my bday. i am feeling much better as of yesterday… i’ve been doing some research and found that this eclipse of 18 degrees gemini fell on my MC in my Lunar Return chart. i’m wondering what that could mean? i’m also curious about how it’s influencing my natal chart. Any thoughts? born in Minneapolis, MN on 12.01.87 at 10:29 PM Thank you, Jewell

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  • Michele

    I came across your website this morning and have stayed on it for 4 hours so far. Amazing. Very well organized and very easy to read. I started getting into astrology a few years back and it has become a sort of therapist in life. I have had a defining 2 1/2 years, bittersweet. I lost my job(s), went through an on again off again time with a love relationship, got pulled over for a DUI, had to move back in with parents to pay for a lawyer and get back on my feet. This was completely unexpected, as these things didn’t happen to me. I moved out from my parents house a week after I turned 18, I had a steady, high paying job at the age of 23 that lasted until June 2009 and then things changed. I lost my job and found myself wandering, in and out of positions that at the time I resented. Badly. In June (30th) of 2009 I also met a boy. A boy who became very important me and still is to this day. It was instant. Which was unlike me as well. I usually fall for friends, actually I always fall for my friends. I’m in love with man and feel an overwhelming urge to be with him. We both allow a lot of freedom with each other (Loosely-me-Uranus con DSC, he-Uranus con ASC. We started have problems in July, decide to “take a break” in August and pretty much stop talking and seeing each in September…but not for long. We seem to pull to each other. We’ve talked many times about the oddness of “us”.

    I find astrology fascinating. Although sometimes it makes me feel a sense of dread. I have never had a reading from an astrologer because honestly it’s overwhelming to try to find one or pick from a million websites. This site is the first one I’ve come across that after spending time on it I wanted a reading. I was hoping you could point me in the right direction on what kind of reading I should get? I have been GETTING ROCKED the last couple of years. I did a solar return chart, progressed chart & compared it to my natal chart. I see a lot of contacts to almost all my natal signs but I’m not really sure what is all means. So…I’m hoping you’ll be able to shed some light. I had the last eclipse conjunct my descendant, this eclipse is moon conjunct (1st house)north node by 2 degrees, moon/sun trine Aqu MC exactly, trine Mars in Libra (5th house) by one degree…and inconjunct my natal Venus at 17’48 Scorpio. So you see lots of contacts but I’m not sure how explain it other than lots of relationship stuff which scare the hell out of me. I’m really ready to settle down and get things back on track in my life. Any incite would be most appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing you!

    Tampa, FL, USA

    Kingstree, SC, USA

  • jonna

    Thank-you Astroherb…..yes I am making some changes connected with the 4th house,
    I am moving at the end of the month. I was born right after a Solar Eclipse. An astrologer once told me, that would indicate a dramatic life, that has been the case, but not in a particularly good way. I am planning on that changing one of these days!

    • Ruby

      Jonna, Prenatal solar eclipses are very important for everyone, but more so if they fall near your birth. There just isn’t space or time to go into them here. I believe that each major transit (Saturn-Pluto) and each eclipse that contacts our chart brings us closer to living a fulfilled, authentic life if we are willing to hear the message of the planets and to let ourselves flow with the changes. Good luck.

  • flower

    Hello, my boyfriend and I have a son that is just 3 months old. Last night we had a discussion that left him angry at me. My sign is Aquarius and raising sign Aquarius. His sign is Libra and he has Gemini in the first house. He is accusing me for taking all decisions from having the baby to everything. I have had to do that because he hasn’t come forward. I was born 02-01-1972 in Latitude 6N15 Longitude 75W35 at 7:05am and he was born Latitude 38N17 Longitude 85W49 on 10-07-1956 at 8:15pm
    I really want him to be with us. We are not even living in the same city and I know he is going through a big transformation. How can I help guiding him to take responsibility and react to be with us. Any advice and now that the eclipse is today and after the discussion?

    • Ruby

      Hello Flower, When I ran your chart, it didn’t have Aquarius as the rising sign. Could you double check the information you gave me.

      • flower

        Hello Astroherb, that is weird.. maybe I gave you the wrong coordinates. I was born Feb 1st, 1972 in Medellin – Colombia, South America and he was born in New Albany, Indiana on October 7th, 1956. See if that works. I have always been told that I was Aquarius raising sign Aquarius.

      • Ruby

        Hello Flower, Thanks for the new information. I now show your ascendant as 22 degrees Aquarius using the Koch system. Your boyfriend has been experiencing a Pluto transit over his Saturn. Though this energy is dissipating, It has made him feel pressured and unable to step up to the plate to the extent that you would like. Because his natal Moon is conjunct Saturn, he would tend to become emotional over the issues brought about by the Pluto transit. I would ask you to consider that with the Pluto/Moon contacts, he vmay see you as a nagging mother to him. You might want to consider that when talking about the problematic issues. Present it that you are in it together not that HE should do this or that. Ask what he thinks would make a difference.

        In addition, you have an over abundance of fixed planets and points in your chart. It could very well be that you could be more open to another point of view. That level of fixity in a chart often shows a person who is not as open to another person’s viewpoints as they could be.

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