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The moon is currently in Capricorn

Capricorn Solar Eclipse January 4, 2011

This Capricorn solar eclipse takes place at 13Capricorn38. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon is new, conjunct the Sun and within 18 degrees of the north or south node. The moon has been at its darkest point and will now begin to show light. That is why a solar eclipse can often bring something new into your life. It is about planting new seeds, laying a foundation (especially true for a Capricorn eclipse) and reaching toward new goals and experiences. While a lunar eclipse is often quite emotional, a solar eclipse is more goal oriented (think Sun energy) and puts us into a “let’s get on with it” mood.

This Capricorn new moon solar eclipse will be especially felt by the cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra). Anyone with planets near 13 degrees of any of the Cardinal signs will also feel this eclipse more strongly. This eclipse belongs to the cycle of eclipses known as the Saros Series 13 North. All eclipses in the long cycle of eclipses that belong to this Saros Series 13 will have somewhat the same flavor to them. All eclipses that occur in this Saros cycle emphasize group associations. (As you read the information that follows think about how a group of some kind can be used to further your goals.)

The solar Capricorn eclipse occurs as part of a rolling stellium consisting of North Node, Pluto, Sun, Moon, and Mars in Capricorn, with Sun, Moon and Mars square to Saturn in Libra. Squares are simply challenges. Traditional astrologers saw squares as rather dire affairs as in “run for the hills there is a square in your chart.” Most modern astrologers have come to believe that squares, while challenging at the time, hold a hidden blessing. Squares call for action and will push you into action. They make us accomplish something. Easy aspects, such as trines and sextiles, make our life flow easily, but we often overlook the easy aspects and accomplish nothing.

The point is that the squares set in motion by this eclipse will have the effect of propelling us to take some kind of action. As mentioned above it is a good time to start things with a view toward longevity. With the square to Saturn it is important to build a firm foundation under our new goals and activities. Capricorn and Saturn are always in the mix for the long haul and will require that firm foundation.

The Sabian symbol for this eclipse at 14 degrees Capricorn is “An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture” (from Lynda Hill’s excellent book 360 degrees of Wisdom). The key to this eclipse is to decide what you would like to build that will stand the test of time or what you want others to remember you by and then Go for It!


I would love to hear your questions and comments on this and all articles.

Copyright December 4, 2010.

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118 comments to Capricorn Solar Eclipse January 4, 2011

  • Linda

    What will the effect of this Capricorn solar eclipse be on someone with two major planets in cardinal signs (Aries sun 19 degrees in the 10th house Cancer rising 17 degrees in the 1st house)?

    • Ruby

      First off, your 7th house of relationships is strongly highlighted with the Sun, Moon Mars and possibly Pluto and North Node there in Capricorn. All of that energy is, of course, opposing your Cancer Ascendant. How are your relationships challenging your sense of self? Are you giving too much to relationships? Or, any other related questions. The squares to Saturn in Libra in the fourth brings in the home/work and career public standing axis. A possible dynamic would be career matters putting a strain on your home life or vice versa. There are many ways this energy could show up, but this would be one of them.

  • tired capricorn

    What effect would this eclipse have on someone born on Dec 29, 1978, who just finished a divorce?

    • Ruby

      Hello tired Capricorn, It is impossible to say, since I don’t know what house of your chart that the eclipse falls, etc. As a generalization, Capricorns are definitely ready to begin something new. Pluto in your sign has been grinding many of you down for quite some time. Note, that the eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn has passed Pluto at 5 degrees Capricorn. Time to take the transformation you have been going through and make it positive. Find a positive job or cause and build a foundation under it for future rewards Remember, Capricorn builds slow and steady with progress that lasts. Time to begin.

  • emeline

    what will capricorn solar eclipse be for capricorns and finances

    • Ruby

      Emeline, The capricorn solar eclipse will be different for each Capricorn depending on their natal chart. Generally, since it is a time of new beginnings and the eclipse is in Capricorn, it favors new business ventures. Also other new ventures that require slow steady growth to reach the top.

  • Sheryl

    I have a 12 degree Capricorn ascendant that trines a stellium in Virgo in the 8th house. What kind of matters will this Solar Eclipse bring for me? Also, 18 degree Leo sun in the 7th house.

    • Ruby

      Sheryl, your 12 degree Capricorn ascendant will be conjunct the Capricorn solar eclipse. Time for a change in your appearance and your self concept. Are you giving too much to those close to you (7th house Cancer)? It points to making more time for yourself and to let your personality shine. Give yourself as much love as you give to others. The trine to your Virgo stellium in the 8th house may point to the fact that as you give yourself more attention and love you will be less critical of those around you and will be able to see significant others as persons in their own right. The stellium trine may also point to receiving money from others that was not earned at a job or profession, i.e. insurance settlement, etc.

      The solar eclipse to your Capricorn ascendant could be auspicious for staring a new business venture of some kind if you so desire.

  • Linda

    Certainly career is putting a strain on life now because I am giving too much there. Perhaps that goes on before the eclipse. Interesting!

  • Madelaine

    Hi there, I’m very curious to know what will effect a Sun in Capricorn 23 degrees in the 10th house with an Ascendant in Aries 26 degrees, with a Moon in Aries 12 degrees in the 12th house?

    That is a lot of cardinal.

    • Ruby

      Hello Madelaine,

      That is a fair amount of cardinal planets. The eclipse will be out of orb for an aspect to your Sun in Capricorn and your ascendant in Aries at 26 degrees. It will, however, square your Aries moon in the 12th house. Time to free up your emotions. I feel that your Aries moon has felt rather constricted in the 12th house and the Moon doesn’t really do well in Aries anyway. Let the eclipse release that moon. What have you been feeling that you haven’t been expressing, etc. For anyone to be happy they need to honor their moon.

      Even though the eclipse does not touch your Sun and Ascendant the transiting planets will soon reach that point. Could be big career moves shortly after the eclipse through expressing your “go get em” Aries ascendant and your businesslike, growth-oriented Capricorn Sun.

  • Tony

    I’ve been going through a lot past two years :(… what effect would this dec/jan eclipses have on Gemini born in Ukraine- Lvov, 06/14/1965 ( not sure about time of birth ).
    Thank you

    • Ruby

      Tony, I feel bad because without a birth time I am unable to determine what area of your chart the actions are taking place. That is, where the main focus is. In your natal chart you do have a very nice group of Gemini planets – Jupiter, North Node, Sun and Mercury. Thus, anything having to do with communication is strongly emphasized in your chart and is beneficial for you. Whatever your difficulties, the answer probably lies somehow with communicating. This could be as a career, relationship, work or whatever. I also believe that their is probably someone or something that has been holding you back or that has power (or perceived power over you). The eclipse will hopefully give you clues to how you can break out from this situation. It will take work, but don’t give up.

  • James

    I will be 50 on the 4th of January 2011 and having lost my job earlier in 2010 I’m hoping that the Solar Eclipse will be significantly positive for me to re-build my career and finances in 2011. What are my chances of success?


    • Ruby

      James, see my previous comment to you. I think that no matter where the eclipse falls in your chart, with the eclipse Sun and Moon conjuncting your Mercury, Jupiter and Sun, I believe that you have an excellent chance of finding work. Because the energetic focus is in Capricorn, be businesslike, dress for success and plan on finding something that offers slow but steady and stable growth. It is imperative that you let go of any negative attitudes that have built up over the past hard times. Pluto in Capricorn has challenged all cardinal signs, but it does offer a chance to reinvest yourself. Throw away what no longer works and confidently go out there with a new, improved image of yourself.

  • James


    PS. I don’t know my birth chart details, however I was born at 2.56 pm on the 4th January 1961 in Lanarkshire.


    • Ruby

      Hello James,

      Your natal Sun is conjunct Mercury and Jupiter, most likely in your 7th and 8th houses. My astrology program could not find Lanarkshire, but only Lanark, so I am not sure if the houses are correct. Anyway, the eclipse is activating your Sun, Mercury and Jupiter and will certainly bring some action into your life, most likely with very positive results. Enjoy your upcoming birthday.

  • Lee

    I have venus at 13.17 in libra which is a cardinal sign. I am wondering if this eclipe will affect me?

    • Ruby

      Yes, Lee, the Capricorn solar eclipse will be squaring your Libra Venus very closely in what is called partile. The eclipse will prompt action in the houses that hold your Venus and the Capricorn eclipse.

  • Thank you Astroherb for your insightful and positive and motivating replies! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Tony

    WOW, every single word of your reading is 100 % true even w/o birth time! What can I say, you are amazing astrologer! Any advise re December eclipse?
    Thanks for your help

  • Kayla

    Hi there.. I’m new to astrology but this eclipse is fascinating/perplexing me! It lands smack on my North Node, in the 12th house.. meanwhile conjunctions occur between tr. venus + natal ceres, tr. ceres and natal Saturn.. and it also lands on my father’s sun (so takes place during his solar return?)I am not sure what house his sun is in..

    Would you help me get a better idea of what this might mean for either of us? If you can offer any insight I’d appreciate it so much. It’s been a tough road for the two of us, both seperately and together.. hoping this will be a positive force in our lives!

    Blessings, and thank you for a wonderful article!


    • Ruby

      Kayla, You didn’t give me very much information. However with the eclipse on your 12th house N Node and the 6th house S Node, you will find as time goes on that it was important to your destiny and life purpose. It will be important in the coming months for you to allow time for contemplation, reflection and turning into your intuition. This may be hard for you to do because with the S Node in Gemini in the 6th house you are a poster child multi-tasker. It is time to get serious about your long-range goal in life. Be sure to harness your considerable communicative gifts and also do not neglect your health in the coming months, especially through old, out worn habit patters.

      As far as your father, this could be a turning point year for him. Look to see what houses the eclipse fall in for more information.

  • Beth

    Dear AstroHerb-

    My b-day: Oct. 11, 1965, 3:50am, Lucknow, India. Wow…here’s the other eclipse also packing a whopper in my chart. Does this mean I will be losing my house, moving etc.. or changes with family? I’ve heard solar eclipses can mean death in the family.. any thoughts?


    • Ruby

      Beth, I also looked at the Capricorn eclipse in my previous reply. Eclipses do not in themselves signify doom and gloom or death and destruction. It depends on what planets they aspect and where in the chart. Lunar eclipses can often be emotion, but emotion is not always bad either. The Gemini/Sag eclipses did bring in the meaning of endings because of the 29 degrees. We should all remember also that many times things or people leave because it is time, something is no longer useful in our lives. It is still painful, but opens up a new horizon for us in time. Good luck with everything.

  • Linda

    Born: 6/20/1953 Paterson, New Jersey Time: 8:50AM
    We just put our house on the market for sale last week and I have had 5 contracts. We are negotating one contract now. We are looking to move to Massachusetts but we don’t know where or when. How will this eclipse and Mercury retrograde affect everything. All thoughts please

    • Linda

      To continue , we have a new firm contract on the house, it’s diffedrent from when I wrote prior. We are to close in 90 days on March 25th when the moon is in sag…hm.

      thank you

      • Ruby

        Linda, I really appreciate your follow up comment. It is so helpful as we all learn astrology. What is really interesting is that very often when a transiting planet goes over an eclipse point in the next several months after an eclipse, it will bring about some action related to what was happening on the eclipse. I have always believed that was true, but haven’t had enough actual experience with it to say for sure. This should be interesting all right.

    • Ruby

      Linda, you should be careful with Mercury Rx with regard to contracts. Check them over carefully and then check again. Also, sometimes Mercury Rx will delay the action, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you don’t lose the buyer. Also, the Dec 21 eclipse squares transiting Uranus/Jupiter in your 8th house of other people’s money. Be wary of a situation that could develop where it looks like the financing is all set and then some quite unexpected news comes where the Buyer doesn’t have financing after all. Mercury goes stationary direct on Dec 30. It would be good to have the closing sometime in January after the Capricorn solar eclipse. That would be a nice beginning for you!

  • carina

    Hi there,

    I have Mercury in Capricorn at 26.48 degree in 1st house, Venus in Capricorn at 20.40 in 1st house, Jupiter in Aries at 20.59, Saturn in Cancer at 27.44R in 7th house and Pluto in Libra at 11.30R in my 1st house. Also my Ascendant is in Capricorn at 1.50 degree.

    PS. I was born February 12, 1976 3:45am in Stip, Macedonia.

    What kind of matters will this Solar Eclipse bring for me since i have a lot of cardinal signs?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  • Cathy

    Hi Astroherb, can you tell me how the Jan. 4 eclipse will affect Taurians? I have a Sun-Venus-Mercury stellium in Taurus, and the eclipse falls in my 8th house: 05/08/1957 at 7:02 am in Reading, Pa. Thanks for sharing your knowledge so generously!

    • Ruby

      Cathy, your Taurus stellium is in the 12th house opposite your North Node in Scorpio in the 6th house. The Capricorn eclipse will trine that stellium. It is offering an easier time to deal with the 12th house and north node issues. Those who have several 12th house planets are challenged to bring the planetary energy out into the open and to use it positively. You would do this by letting go of some of your security needs and trusting more fully that things will unfold as they should. The key to this in your chart is the North Node in Scorpio. Each of us are meant to work toward the energy of our North Node. Your Taurus S Node is outworn, embedded habit patters. The solar eclipse ties together your 7th, 8th and 9th houses. Relationships could bring about some deep soul searching, which in turn could lead to a spiritual rebirth of some kind.

  • haree gopinathan

    what is fate installed for me(capricorn born on 29 December 1965

    • Ruby

      Haree, you didn’t leave your place or time of birth, so I can only generalize. Generally, it seems like you are in a time of intense transformation. Transiting Pluto, North Node, Sun, and Mercury are, or will be, transiting your Sun. Pluto in particular has to do with lots of change in a deep way. Look at your chart to see what house they are transiting, and thus where the energy will be taking place.

  • Tava

    I’m just a beginner in astrology but drawn to it recently since my life as it was has shattered and left me totally confused. I’m in the middle of divorce, quitting my job, losing my dreams, changing friends, having problems with my parents, thinking of moving abroad… Is there an end to my problems and how should I move on?

    My Sun is 4°01′ in Taurus (House 5), Moon 29°53′ Aries (House 4), Venus 1°28′ Aries (House 3), Mars 25°13′ Capricorn (House 2), Mercury 25°56′ Я Aries (House 4), Saturn 23°02′ Taurus (House 6) and my Ascendant 27°14′ in Scorpio.

    • Ruby

      Tava, it would be helpful if you could send me your actual birth date, time and place. However, neither the lunar or solar eclipse will affect you greatly as even your Capricorn Mars is out of orb.

  • Angela

    My life is a total mess at the moment & I have lost my family, job,& have very few friends.
    I have the Solar Eclipse in my 7th house & my sun is 13 deg32 in my first house of Cancer & my moon is 13 deg29 in my fourth house of Libra. My ascendant is Gemini at 26 deg26. My natal transit chart for January 4th has all square aspects from the sun & moon.
    My birth date is July 6th 1965, born at 5.30am in Brisbane Australia.

    • Ruby

      Angela, The sense I get with the solar eclipse in your chart that there is a shift taking place in your whole orientation between yourself and others. It is quite significant when something such as an eclipse makes a square aspect to both your Sun and Moon. Of course, the energy is focused in your 7th, but that is bringing up issues of nurturing yourself versus family, significant others, any public work you do etc. Remember, that you need to make your moon happy. Your moon in Libra needs less of an attachment to nurturing others at all costs to your self. Libra is the sign of relationships, but in relationships it does not completely immerse itself. Food for thought?

  • Rachul

    An astrologer once told me that a solar eclipse was not a good omen because the sun, which gives life is blacked out so if the solar eclipse conjuncts a planet you are in for some trouble. I was born on 3 January 1979 at 1:13 pm, in Sydney, Australia, and the solar eclips his right bang on my Capricorn midheaven, mars and sun, (sun in 9th house and Mars in 10th house)Rachul

    • Ruby

      Rachul, traditional astrologers did view the eclipses as a bad omen. Modern astrologers, for the most part, realize that it is just a conjunction. That being said, it is a very powerful conjunction and can have a profound impact on some people who have planets within a very tight orb of the eclipse. My take on it would be that there are some 9th house matters (college, a college degree, spiritual matters, etc.) that need to be combined with your public standing and career matters in some way. In any case, you will become a more public person in the coming months.

      The eclipse also squares your ascendant and descendant on the Aries/Libra axis with Pluto in your 7th house. The eclipse might highlight issues of power in significant relationships or even provoke a sort of passive/aggressive dynamic within relationships.

  • cathy

    Thanks Astroherb, I recently discovered a helpful book on this topic: Astrology of the Soul by Jan Spiller. In it she discusses the challenges faced by the north nodes by sign and house. Your observations closely match those of the author’s, and show me that I have some work to do. Your comments to others’ posts are very enlightening as well. ~Cathy

    • Ruby

      Cathy, Thanks for your comment. I have a well worn copy of that book and it was partially responsible for me deciding to focus on evolutionary astrology. Since then, I have attended several of Steven Forrest’s apprenticeship programs. What he teaches takes it to a whole new level. As always, the more you learn the more you realize that there is a lot more to learn. But it is oh so totally fascinating!

  • sppooky2964

    Hi. Just wondering if you mind telling me what might be in store for me with the upcoming eclipses. I was born, Jan 29th 1964 at 5:52 A.M. in Williamsport, Pa.
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much, I think your wonderful by the way!!!

    • Ruby

      Sppooky, The Capricorn solar eclipse will conjunct your Mercury in Capricorn in the first house, square Jupiter in Aries in the 3rd house, sextile your Chiron Venus conjunction in the 2nd house and trine your Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 8th house. There may be lots of conversations about money. If there are money issues with others, those could come into focus now and could become quite intense and unpredictable.

      Also, I noticed that you have a Jupiter return coming up on March 29, 2011. This will fall in your 3rd house in Aries. The Jupiter return marks an ending of one Jupiter cycle around the zodiac (12 years) and is an especially important year for you. Matters concerning religion, spirituality, communication and education are highlighted. Notice that your natal Jupiter trines your Moon. It is a good year to expand your influence in areas that are your heart’s desire. Especially if they involve communication of some kind.

  • gustosocial

    My birthdate is 1/12/1976 at 11:05 am in Austin, TX. I have been having difficult relationship issues since the June eclipse. Can you please let me know what the effects of tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse and Jan. Solar eclipse have in store for me? Cause the last 6 months kicked my butt on every level. Just trying to better understand things so I can cope with it all.


    • Ruby

      Gustosocial, you have had several Pluto aspects in your chart which explains why things have been so hard for you. The lunar eclipse of June 2010 set off the transiting cardinal cross of which Pluto was a part. You also have had Saturn going back and forth over Pluto in our 7th house of relationships. Saturn Pluto could bring about depressing power plays within a relationship. A relationship hit by such an aspect needs to either be completely transformed or abandoned. It is a very strong, heavy energy. The good news is that once you get through it you can look back and actually see gifts that it brought to you. The other good news is that Saturn is now moving past Pluto and the energy around relationships should ease up.

      As the transiting planets move into Capricorn leading up to the solar eclipse, you may feel some tension and struggle in the career area, but as the energy wanes, you should be able to repair any damage or move on to something else.

  • Cleo

    Hi, This year’s Solar eclipse is on my B-day January 4th, and it conjuncts my SR/Natal Sun, and my SR Eros at 14 degrees Capricorn, and forms a wide conjunction to my SR moon at 19 degrees Cap, and my SR Mars at 21 degrees Capricorn all in the 9th house. The latter two planets conjuncting my SR Midheaven at 22 degrees Capricorn. Most of these planets are squaring my Saturn/ Vertex conjuntion at 16 degrees Libra in the 6th house.
    My birthday is only a few weeks away and I’m excited and exhausted already. I’m breaking in to a new career this year in which I will become more public… Are these aspects why I feel something immense coming in the very near future ?


    • Ruby

      Cleo, you did not leave a birth time or place, but with all of those planets being aspected by the eclipse (and before and after the eclipse) that is a lot of energy happening. Be prepared for a year of hard work, but also a year of career success. Also, when Saturn is aspected (especially in the 6th house) it can cause you to be more exhausted. Saturn also rules health, so be sure to take time to eat right etc. and to take time to relax.

  • gadipirro

    Hello Astroherb… and tahnk you for this post.
    Thank you Angela ~ many prayers to you in Australia. I understand.
    Just as with her message as well, my life is all about Transformation! A Roler Coaster!
    I have a 0 degree Capricorn ascendant, 9 degree in Libra Sun 10th House and Jupiter Cancer 7th house… Yes, changes & challenges. Been waiting for a “Green Light” on a career to start. And Waiting, and waiting… and my person space of my own. I am moving into an 8 year as well, I sure hope there is light and not another Train at the end of the Tunnel. And I agree With cathy…”Your comments to others’ posts are very enlightening”… It was encouraging for me to read — Thank you

  • olga


    My husband Brad was born Jan. 6, 1964, in Grundy Center, Iowa, USA at 11:03 a.m. CST. I was born Jan. 3, 1971, in Komrat, Moldova 12:58 p.m. We will be celebrating our birthdays in Singapore this year so we will be there for the Solar eclipse on January 4. What effect will the solar eclipse have on us and is there anything special we should do to maximize our benefit. My husband has a job interview in Singapore that day, is it a good time to do so? Thanks.

  • pia

    I was born in Johannesburg on 14th Jan 1969 , I dont know the degrees I know Im Capricorn with Sag rising , mercury in Aquarius my Sun sign is sitting in 5th house as are my Venus in Pisces my Chiron is in Pisces as well ..I have Saturn in Aries which is in my 7th house (will I be this loner forever ?) I seem to have drawn myself away from people over the course of this yr and Im wondering if this is perminant or whether its been in preparation for new beginnings , its felt alot like a place of ‘waiting’ .. I would like to develop my healing qualities, would this next yr be a good time to do so ?

    Thank you for your time

  • Freddy

    Dear Astroherb, first of all let me say that I have read through your site with much interest; is the forthcoming solar eclipse also bringing some lightness back again? the lunar ecplipse (now) is heavy and as capricorn, ascendant libra, I am hoping for the new year and its eclipses…I was born 01/09/74 0:05hours, location 47n57, 8e29 – it’s not been easy in the past years at work or romatically.Freddy.

  • misschris2025


    What a wonderful website, keep up the great work!

    Just like everyone else, I’d love to hear more about what the Jan.4th eclipse might bring my way. I’m currently knee-deep in my Saturn Return — saying the past few months have been extremely challenging is an understatement. I’m sincerely hoping 2011 will be better! I was born on March 25, 1982 @ 2:05pm in Hull, Quebec, Canada. Any insights would be much appreciated!

    • Ruby

      Misschris2025, I just responded to your other message. I did want to address the Saturn return (which was aspected by the Capricorn eclipse). Saturn goes retrograde on January 26, 2011, so it should give you a little breathing room regarding your 4th house matters. It will reach your natal Saturn again until the middle of September 2011. At that time, it will be going over your Saturn and Pluto, so could be a trying time.

  • shraddha


    My Name is Shraddha Prakash.Patil. Born On 17th January 1987. My place of birth is Thane and time of birth is 2:21 AM. In which Year i will get married? It will be Arrange marriage or love marriage? I m in a great stress and dont know where to take my life..Please help me.. I m alone even i have so many friends..Please help me. Thanks a lot.

  • Lunartic

    Dear Astroherb,
    Your site and articles are amazing! I was wondering if you could provide some insight as to how this incredible energy would serve me best (or how I may serve it as the case may be)? My birth stats are: July 5th, 1967: 4:03pm: Boston MA. My sun at 13 degrees Cancer with aspects to Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and the Acsendant in Scorpio. I have a Gemini moon that will be in loose aspect to the eclipse…

    Thank You very much and Solstice Blessings to all.

  • Cleo

    This year’s Solar eclipse is on my B-day January 4th, and it conjuncts my SR/Natal Sun, and my SR Eros at 14 degrees Capricorn, and forms a wide conjunction to my SR moon at 19 degrees Cap, and my SR Mars at 21 degrees Capricorn all in the 9th house. The latter two planets conjuncting my SR Midheaven at 22 degrees Capricorn. Most of these planets are squaring my Saturn/ Vertex conjuntion at 16 degrees Libra in the 6th house.
    My birthday is only a few weeks away and I’m excited and exhausted already. I’m breaking in to a new career this year in which I will become more public… Are these aspects why I feel something immense coming in the very near future ?

  • Janzet

    I need help. I born 02/06/1965 at 4:00am in Caguas, Puerto Rico but live in Orlando, Florida for 24 yrs. The lunar eclipse of dec 2010 destroy my live in only 1 weeek. I’m in a bad depression now.

    • Ruby

      Janzet, I am so sorry that you have been going through a hard time. I believe that what is going on is that Pluto, the planet of transformation, is in your first house of Self. Pluto will often bring big changes in a person’s life, which can be hard to deal with. Just remember that as hard as the changes are, there will come a time when you can look back and see the silver lining in the cloud. The best way to deal with this transit is not to fight it but, to the extent possible, just go with the changes and the feelings that the changes bring up in you. It also helps to take one day at a time.

  • gee77


    I’d so appreciate if you manage to find time to respond to my e-mail. I’m born 12/02/77 London at 12.21pm. The last three years have been quite turbulent, especially since Pluto moved into Capricorn back in Dec 2007. It has been a time of losses within many aspects of my life but I have remained philosophical.

    I’m really putting out some positive energy to sell my work (writing a screenplay/s) and have better luck in relationships.

    Wishing you a warm xmas and ny

  • deliela

    hi there
    thanks for writing this artical that helps me a lot .This eclipse will just happan in my 4th house and con DC , AND sextile with my SUN in fifth house pieces 11 degree , squares my AC libra 13 degree .ISthere any i should take care for my family member,ex. their health . Or the goal i planned to get marry and own a house will change? please give me some information, thank you

  • rwhite

    HI there

    I wonder if you can advise how this solar eclipse on 4 Jan will affect me? My birthday is 9 October 1977, I was born in Northampton, Northants, UK at 4:55pm, and I am currently at a crossroads in life and feel that change is imminent.
    My Pluto (14deg Libra) and Sun(16deg Libra) have just been conjuncted by Saturn in my first house of Libra, and my natal Jupiter (5deg Cancer) is being opposed by Pluto in Capricorn at the mo! Everything feels very intense, and with so many planets in Capricorn, I feel that I am under pressure and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of festive cheer at the mo!
    Please can you offer some advice or insight or guidance on what the forthcoming solar eclipse and lunar eclipse could mean?? What action should I be taking? thanks in advance, RIchard

  • julie

    I find your comments on this eclipse interesting. Other sites give a very negative picture of things, in spite of mentioning the possibility of being positive. I have observed that things have been very negative in the second part of 2010 for people having their birth in the second half, and especially for Saggitarious and Capricorns.
    Some other people had a bad time during the first half of the year.
    My question is: would this January 4th sun eclipse be good in any way for someone born Dec 11 60 (around 5:30am)? I am not good with understanding astrology yet, but it seems my ascendent is Scorpio. Best!

    • Ruby

      Julie, Many people are having problems at this time because of transiting Saturn at 16 degrees Libra and transiting Pluto at 5 degrees Capricorn hitting their natal planets. As near as I can tell without a birthplace, the solar eclipse fell in your 2nd house of value and money at the approximate midpoint of your Saturn/Jupiter in Capricorn. Saturn and Jupiter are both business planets, so there could be more action along those lines. Possible success after lots of hard work. With transiting Pluto also in the picture you will need to think of ways that you can transform any business activities to bring a better result.

  • ananda

    Hi. Still recovering from hard transits since 2003 and feeling quite drained, I’m wondering what’s next. The lunar eclipse a few days ago was on my Descendant; the solar will conjunct my Venus (17°Cap) part of a stellium (Merc 10°/7th h. cusp ruler; Mars 5°; Venus 17°; S. Node 11°). Last night was stressful in my 2 years old relationship and I’m wondering if it will survive the recent lunar – or if we can really have a new beginning coming up? We have composite Sun, Merc, Mars all 8°Cap + I think also Valentine, and Eros 5°Cap. His Merc and Mars are 7° and 11° Cap respectively. We love each other but have some difficult challenges, like my being older, etc. Any input is appreciated. My DOB 13 Dec 1963, 9.25 a.m., Stockholm, Sweden.

    • Ruby

      Amanda, I think that this eclipse season really has affected your self expression and your relationships. Not only the eclipse, but transiting Pluto is sitting on your Mars in your first house and is setting on his Mars. If you two can monitor your angry feelings and stay out of power struggles, you may have a chance. His Mercury and Mars on your South Node show that this present stage of your relationship has its roots in the past (or past lives if you so believe with karmic overtones). The key would be to use your Mercury and his Mercury. In other words, communication, communication, communication. You must stay calm and focused. With transiting Pluto and natal Mars things will set each of you off, that would not have been a problem at another time. The relationship has many areas of compatibility, if you can work out the current issues.

  • Fleur

    I am looking for some information. I have read your comments on the solar eclips and find them very interesting.
    I was wondering if you could tell me there will be some good times ahead. I have been going through some very hard times. Sudden divorce, ex husband who changed in to a stranger over night.It really looks like everything just is happening and there is nothing I can do, but watch. Please tell me, it will get better.
    I am a cappy, born on January 5 1970 in Antwerp belgium at 4,12 in the afternoon.
    Cap sun in7th house and Cancer rising, mercury cap, venus cap, taurus Saturn… will this edgy feeling ever go away?
    Thank you so much!

    • Ruby

      Fleur, the December lunar eclipse squared your Pluto in Virgo in the 4th house of home, signalling the end of something. Then the Sun going over Uranus in the 4th may have brought the actual physical end. The good news is that Saturn transiting your 4th house is now past Uranus in Libra, so it signals a time of rebuilding your home. By the middle of November 2012, you will have a much more secure and stable home life. The planets confirm that you are in a period of time when things are changing and everything seems unstable. However, once you weather the storm, you will find that you are able to put your life back together on foundation that is much more stable than it has ever been. As you begin to heal and look for a new partner, be aware that your Neptune in Sagittarius in the 5th house may cause you to look at love interests with rose colored glasses. Just be sure that any new love is worthy of your attention and love.

  • Christina

    I don’t know how this coming solar eclipse is going to affect me so will be appreciated for your advice. My birthdate is 17/2/1961 at 4am in Singapore. Thank you very much!

    • Ruby

      Christina, the Capricorn solar eclipse fell in your first house of self expression. I feel that it should help you express yourself in a more authentic way (that is, being more true to yourself). Transiting Sun and Mars and now conjunct your natal Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn in the 1st house. This should also help in self expression, plus it should be quite beneficial for career aspirations. Transiting Pluto is tightly conjunct your ascendant. You are starting a time of transforming much about how you perceive yourself and how you allow others to perceive you.

  • sarahkian

    Hi, I am still trying to make sense of the Full Moon Eclipse, I feel like my life is in limbo and I am trying to decide if I need to re-locate back to the Uk, change jobs, or become single!! My boyfriend is Libra (30 sept 1983, he doesn’t know his birth time) and I am Gemini (05 June 1968, 05.30am). Can you give me any pointers? Thanks 🙂 Love your articles!

  • capri

    Hi astroherb,

    I just love your comments concerning present eclipses! Very insightful.
    I was wandering if you could help me determin in which way coming solar eclipse could affect me, since it will conjunct my natal sun in eeight house. My bd: 31.12.1975, 14.30h Zemun Serbia. Lately I was having hard times finding job, so could this eclipse maybe put things forward concerning this matter? Thank you in advance for every possible comment!

  • Pisces Peach

    Hi Astroherb

    I just realized when reading your article that this January 4th solar eclipse is going to take place conjunct a Yod Midpoint in my natal chart. I’ve been watching the midpoint for about a year because I could not determine exactly what it would relate to. I know some astrologers don’t recognize Asteroids with regard to Yods. I’ve found the asteroids are particularly active in my chart. For instance, I have Juno conjunct my Midheaven, and I can track significant events by the transits of that asteroid. Can you elaborate on what impact an eclipse might have on a Yod midpoint?

    My date of birth is 6/7/1973 at 1:27 am Ohio.

    • Ruby

      Pisces Peach, If asteroids seem to work for you, then by all means use them. Astrology is an art, not a science even though it is very mathematical and scientifically based. The eclipse on a yod midpoint would place special emphasis on that planet (or asteroid). With the two 150 degree angles of the sides being sort of out of whack with each other, the energy is focused through that midpoint. Of course, you would then also read the two planets in sextile as being affected by the eclipse energy. I hope that made sense. It has been a long day.

      • Pisces Peach


        Thank you. Yes it does make sense, and thank you for the advice as well (with regard to astrology being an art). I hope that you get some rest. The number of requests that I see on your other post each day makes me feel a little overwhelmed–and the requests aren’t for me. Sending positive energy.

  • gadipirro

    Yes I need to give this My date of birth 10/21/1965 11:30am
    globe,Az If you would please some insight to what is coming
    Thank you very much

  • gemtripleurth

    Hi Astroherb you are GREAT!
    Just discovered you while looking for the TIME pluto finishes it’s retrogade on the 4th as I will launch the first product of a business I have been working toward my whole life!! at this time 😉

    I am a gemini – but with Cap rising at 5.26 – with Saturn conjunct midheaven (at 12;08 deg) and north node (11;19) all in virgo.
    Cap also in the 2nd house 24.50 – pluto in Libra.
    I hear it’s a very interesting time for me – which is very true in reality!

    Is there a better time of the day for me to launch this product? … just a digital release so it comes down to me pressing a button 😉
    Should I wait until January 5th? (I am in Australia)
    If it helps – here is my chart …

    Thankyou and all the best

  • goldie

    I’m a Libra (Capricorn Moon sign) going to visit my Capricorn lover (born 1/5, day after) on the January 4th… Is this good timing for long-term bonding and building a future together for us?

  • Christina

    I don’t know how this coming solar eclipse is going to affect me so will be appreciated for your advice. My birthdate is 17/2/1961 at 4am in Singapore. Thank you very much!

  • Minnie

    Possible impact of 1/4/11 eclipse on individual with three planets in capricorn, sun 24 degrees, saturn 21 degrees, and 17 degrees jupiter. Plus 11 degrees Neptune in Scorpio with 3 degrees Mars in Cancer ascendant?


  • wicked

    Hi I was born in liverpool UK on 11 jan 1958 at approx 1pm , are you able to tell me what the eclipse will mean for me. I think you are fantastic. Thanks so much,

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