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Astrology Transits July 2019 – Change Is In The Air


Looking behind I am filled with gratitude.

Looking forward I am filled with vision.

Looking upwards I am filled with strength. 

Quero Apache Prayer




The Moon and the North and South Nodes of the Moon hold a prominent place in the emotions and events of July 2019.  The Moon shows our emotions and what we hold very close to our heart.  I have always felt that, in many ways, the Moon sign and aspects are even more important than our Sun sign and aspects.  If you want to know a person on an outer level learn about their Sun sign.  If you want to learn about a person on a deeper, more intimate level, learn about their Moon sign.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, children and the fourth house of home in our birth chart.  This month with Venus, Sun and Mars transiting Cancer and with two eclipses highlighting Cancer, it is time to examine your emotional security needs and to bring peace within yourself about any lingering family/nurturing issues.  If you are wanting to start a family, the strong Cancerian energy just might bring about a new pregnancy.

July 3:  Venus Enters Cancer. Venus in Cancer through July 27 emphasizes home and family issues and those you care about.  This includes your children and furry children.

July 4:  New Moon Solar Eclipse at 10 Degrees Cancer.  With the Sun conjunct the Moon in Cancer you will find that you are feeling more sensitive and more aware of your emotions at this time. You might want to consider the emotional connections to those in your life. Allow yourself to tune into, and feel, your emotions.  Solar eclipses are a time of change and a time to contemplate a new cycle.  How would it feel to change what is no longer working for you?


July 9:  Mercury Turns Retrograde at 4 Degrees Leo.  Despite the negative stories we hear regarding Mercury retrograde, Mercury retrograde in Leo is a wonderful time to re-think your ideas around inspiration, individuality and leadership. When Mercury moves backward into Cancer on July 19, watch out for over sensitivity to the words of others.  Your reaction may be ruled more by your emotions than the actual context of what was said.

As always with Mercury retrograde, your words and ideas may come out garbled or even completely different than what you intended.  A useful tip is to repeat what you say and to make sure that your words are perceived the same by both you and the recipient(s).  Mercury Turns stationary direct at 24 Degrees Cancer on July 30.

Meanwhile, the Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn at 17 Degrees Capricorn.  This powerful aspect can bring a feeling of restriction and the possibility of feeling overly responsible, emotionally drained and excessively weary.  Practice giving yourself more love and allow yourself to temporarily withdraw from the fray. As with everything in astrology, the planets promise that “this too shall pass.”  This opposition will be felt most strongly by those with planetary placements in Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries.

July 11:  Grand Trine Formed by Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces.  This watery grand trine brings a sense of ease to those with significant planetary placements in Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces, though emotions will run high.  

Mars in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus brings a feeling that something is about to happen.  The feeling could be likened to that of “waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

July 14:  Sun Opposition Pluto at 22 Degrees Cancer/Capricorn.  Difficult energy prevails leading up to the Lunar Eclipse.  There is a tug of war between your need to withdraw and protect yourselves and the  need to do what others expect of you.

July 16:  Lunar Eclipse with Moon at 24 Degrees Capricorn Opposing Sun in Cancer.  Beware of taking things personally, particularly in business/family dynamics.  It is time to consider letting go of those people, places and things that no longer feed your soul and emotional body.  There could be a few tears with this one, but it can act as a catalysis for moving toward a more fulfilling emotional life.

July 17-21:  Venus in Cancer opposing Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Trine Neptune in Pisces.  Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces is a lovely aspect that denotes a loving, imaginative, compassionate energy.  However, Venus opposing Saturn and Pluto  in Capricorn is harsh reality coupled with a strong need to totally transform something in your life.  With two competing energies in force, I would advise you to face the cold, hard reality of your life, but to temper it with a super dose of love and compassion for yourself and others.  With Neptune, things are never as they seem.  You are challenged to see beneath the veil during this unsettling time.

July 23:  Sun Enters Leo.  Time to shine, lead and express your individuality.  Sun in Leo lightens the moody Cancer energy we have been experiencing.  Time to get out and play in the Sun.

July 28:  Venus Enters Leo.  Venus in Leo until August 21 puts the emphasis on creativity, fun and entertainment.  This is a super time to emphasize and re-energize any creative projects that have been on hold.

July 29:  Sun at 6 Degrees Leo Square Uranus in Taurus. Sun square Uranus promises to add a sizzling, super-charged energy to the last days of July 2019.  This energy can be challenging, but can bring in eureka moments.  Pay attention to random thoughts and events and expect the unexpected! Those of you with planets in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) may find this unsettling energy challenging.  Best to just go with the flow and to let inspiration prevail.

July 31:  New Moon at 8 Degrees Leo.  This ultra-creative Leo new moon invites socializing, unleashing your playful side and expressing your creative muse.

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  • Ruby

    The month of July 2019 promises to be a significant time period with two eclipses along the Cancer/Capricorn axis and the volatile Sun square Uranus aspect. I have found that people are feeling especially agitated. How are these strong aspects affecting you?

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