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My summer farmer’s market mini readings are over, but you can still book a reading with me any time.  Just send an email using the “Contact Me” button.

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Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon

The moon is currently in Sagittarius

Learn Astrology and find Astrology classes

This website is here to help you Learn Astrology by finding the right Astrology classes. Learning Astrology can be rewarding, challenging and sometimes a little overwhelming but well worth the time and effort.  Since you have found yourself reading this page and there are no accidents, then there must be a valid reason! Maybe you will soon be ready to start learning and taking Astrology classes from qualified instructors.

Finding a good Astrologer is hard enough, finding a good Astrology teacher is even harder. Few people have the patience and knowledge necessary to be a successful Astrology teacher. We hope to help in your search, but we also need your help so we can update and review Astrology classes effectively.

If you know of a good Astrology class, leave a comment so we can follow up. If you are ready to join an Astrology class then also leave a comment so we can connect you to teachers.

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3 comments to Learn Astrology and find Astrology classes

  • Martha

    Can’t wait to begin my new Astrology classes, thanks for putting me on the waiting list.

  • Bryan Shawn Lane D.D./L.M.T.

    I have been so blessed. I am a libra, crawford w long hospital atlanta ga. 9:15am
    I am told and have hared witness to much and I can see the future.Also Have tarot cards don’t really know them.have used as a focus tool a reg. dedck of cards, on many occasions leaving people in tears.. having rehashed the past, shown them why their present will have affect on future which at least on some level they are hopeful.
    Mostly folks want me to lay hands. when I was a small child I could also get things to happen with positive thought, in some cases it might have been the consistancy of putting it out there. Anyway ..would love to learn this .. always have wanted to. But I don’t see a pricelist . So unfortunatly I can see probably to expensive and I’ll just have to study my books..but as u know that not work so well for me. Anyway…just found your site I love it. and will be checking it out. and if it (classes) aren’t free, then I know they cost to much for me at this time.
    you know your craft/calling. What a good writer you are as well. Keep up the universal work . thank you for your time reading my email.
    papa Froggy. Bryan s. Lane D.D./L.M.T.

    • Ruby

      Thank you so much for the kind comments. You are definitely a healer with Neptune in Scorpio square Jupiter/Moon. Also, your Chiron opposing Pluto/Uranus. I’m sure you are not only intuitively psychic but also get many “flashs” of insight.

      As far as my classes, they will not be free, but the more people that sign up the less I can charge. I am not yet set up for holding classes online because I need to get the technology worked out. I am currently thinking about giving a class or two at a very reduced rate in return for my students putting up with any possible computer glitches from an untested system. I will post something online if I decide to do that.

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