Astrology Readings Aspen, CO

I will once again be doing readings in Aspen, Colorado at the Aspen Saturday Market on September 16 and 30 and at the Basalt Sunday Market in Basalt, CO every Sunday through September 30, 2017.

In will continue to do in-person astrology readings in the Roaring Fork Valley and telephone and Skype readings everywhere in the world.

Keep me in mind for fun entertainment for your summer parties and events.

Planetary Positions

Current Moon Phase

New Moon
New Moon

The moon is currently in Scorpio

Jupiter Direct/Venus Direct

Both Jupiter and Venus turn stationary direct on November 18, 2010. Both planets turning stationary direct at the same time has only happened five times in the last 300 years. Jupiter turns direct at 23Pisces29 and Venus turns direct at 27Lib29.

We will first discuss Venus.

Venus went retrograde (in apparent backward movement) in Scorpio on October 8, 2010 and continued retrograde until it moved back into Libra. As mentioned above, Venus will be at 27Libra43 (Libra is the sign of relationships) on November 17, 2010, prior to going direct. During its retrograde motion I have had an unusual number of clients with certain relationship issues. Especially prevalent are those clients who have experienced an old love coming back into their life under Venus retrograde. Or, the opposite situation, where a relatively new love in someone’s life is questioning whether to go back to an old lover.

Venus rules feelings of love, attraction, beauty and values (thus also money and possessions), so her retrograde motion has affected all of these areas. Thus, a Venus retrograde period is a time of going back over our values and fine tuning what we value, what we are looking for in a relationship and how we are earning our money or acquiring our possessions. Anything relating to Venus will seem to be slowed down. A retrograde period is normally not a good time to boldly move forward with the things that the retrograde planet rules.

Once Venus goes direct, we will once again be able to move forward and make decisions in love matters, relationship matters, and money matters. We will have more clarity on what we really value.

In the case of Jupiter retrograde:

Jupiter went retrograde on July 23, 2010, at 3Aries24. It will finally go direct on November 18, 2010 at 23Pisces30. Jupiter direct in the sign of Aries stimulated us to think big and to follow through with action. Aries is a fiery, action-oriented sign and Jupiter rules expansive, positive energy.

Jupiter rules travel, mind expansion, college, metaphysics and spiritual pursuits. He is also one of the business planets. A positive Jupiter aspect is one of the best indicators of business activity and success.

Therefore, it is quite apparent that Jupiter retrograde has been a factor in the very slow recovery of the economy.

Jupiter direct after November 18, will bring a much needed boost to the struggling economy. We can all use a Jupiter direct boost to our finances and out optimism.

With both Jupiter direct and Venus direct after November 18, be prepared to bring your dreams out once again, brush them off and proceed forward. I predict the forward motion of both Venus and Jupiter will bring a big sigh of relief to all of us on many, many levels. Enjoy!

Pluto in Direct Motion

Pluto Retrograde and Puto Direct 

Pluto, despite its small size packs a tremendous punch astrologically! When Pluto is direct, its energy is active and the energy can be more easily absorbed into the cosmos. However, when Pluto (or any planet for that matter) goes retrograde the tremendous energy goes underground to a certain degree. Though the energy isn’t as visible, it remains in a smoldering manner. Indeed, the pent up energy of Pluto retrograde can be compared to that of a partially dormant volcano. This is especially true of Pluto because he rules things underground. The tremendous heat and pressure are there, but because there is no obvious eruption it is difficult to see what is going on.

On April 7, 2010 Pluto became retrograde at 5 degrees Capricorn and the energy went underground.

This banked energy was a major component of the extreme angst felt by many of us in the summer of 2010. Retrograde Pluto teamed up with Uranus, the planet of freedom and sudden change in a tense square and also squared Saturn (also retrograde at 29 degrees Virgo) the planet of restriction, all summer. In addition Saturn was in opposition (a 180 degree aspect) to Uranus. These planetary aspects created a virtual cauldron of potent energy. The tension built and built and was set off in a big way by the lunar eclipse of June 26 and the solar eclipse on July 11, 2010.  We felt the need to transform (Pluto) everything and everyone around us.  Simultaneously, we had the extreme desire to break loose and free ourselves (Uranus) from the restrictions that we keenly felt (Saturn).

Now, we are in a period when many of the formerly retrograde planets are going direct. It is time to take everything off of hold and to boldly move forward with our plans and hopes and dreams. It is very important in working with this planetary energy to mentally, emotionally and spiritually let go of the past. Failure to do so can limit our results in moving forward. Holding on to past traumas and hurts is like carrying a very heavy bag of burdens with you everywhere you go. Give yourself the gift of freedom that is part of the cosmic gift inherent in Pluto/s change of direction to its direct motion.

Though this has been an incredibly difficult summer for many of us, the one thing that I have noticed in my 30+ years of experience in astrology is that all of the planets have a gift hidden within their lessons. The lessons have been hard, but the rewards can also be great.  It is a truism in astrological counseling that if we do the hard work of flowing in tune with the cosmic forces, our lives can be exponetically enriched and our tomorrows can be fulfilling and full of love.

My wish for you is that you have the courage to prune your life of unneeded people, places and things so that the love and light can flow in. Pluto has shown you the darkness, it is now time to let your sun shine away the shadows. My prayer is that you will learn the lessons inherent in Pluto retrograde as it becomes direct and that you will emerge stronger and wiser ready for a loving, bright tomorrow.

Mercury Retrograde

Now that we have moved into September 2010, the emphasis is partly upon Mercury,, which is retrograde until September 12 in the sign of Virgo. Though much has been written on the web about Mercury retrograde as a negative on your life and your activities, there are many positive influences and benefits that you can gain from a Mercury retrograde period. Let’s examine both the somewhat negative and the positive results of Mercury retrograde.

 It’s true that Mercury retrograde can cause computer and communication glitches. These glitches would be on the order of missed messages and malfunctioning phones or computers.

 That is, you plan to meet a friend for lunch at a certain restaurant at a certain time. Usually, there is no problem with this. However, under a Mercury retrograde period you might be waiting at a restaurant on the west side of town. Meanwhile, your friend is waiting for you at a restaurant with a similar sounding name on the east side of town. You try to call each other to see what happened, but your cell phone battery is dead even though you charged it the night before. That is just one description of how Mercury retrograde sometime works.

 The positive side of Mercury retrograde is that it gives us a chance to revisit issues that we didn’t quite resolve during the time that it was direct. You may also hear from someone from your past during this time. It is a really good time to look up old friends or family members that you have lost contact with.

 The period when Mercury is retrograde is also an excellent time to clean out your closets, sort out your unanswered mail and do such things as updating your address book. In other words, it is excellent for organizing and decluttering.

 From the above, you can see that it is all about using the energy of Mercury retrograde to sort out and organize your life. It is also a time to be more careful about your communications. Make sure when making plans or discussing something with someone that you are very clear about the where, what, why, and when of the matter under discussion.

 When you have your next astrology reading, we can look ahead to determine when Mercury will next be retrograde so that you can plan your activities to use the positive Mercury retrograde energy in the best possible way and minimize the slightly negative effects of Mercury retrograde.

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