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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Capricorn

Confused Communication or Divinely Inspired Prose

 Mercury in Pisces on March 15 sometimes feels like a confused Mercury retrograde.  Keep your own counsel and be careful what you say and to whom you say it.  Don’t speak out of turn or give away family secrets.  Discretion is advised and speaking only truth is imperative.

However, if you write poetry or imaginative articles, Mercury in Pisces can open up a whole new world of creative communication. Write down your Piscean-inspired dreams for insight into your subconscious and an ethereal connection to the divine.

When the Sun and Venus in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn on March 16-18, Venus in the sign of universal love and compassion is tempered by its positive connection to Pluto in Capricorn. Realistic Capricorn keeps us grounded amid an impulse to escape or to go fly among the stars. This pleasant aspect helps you ground your lofty ideas so you can manifest them and make them real.

Saturn Uranus and the 800-Year Shift

Hello, to all of my current and future friends.  I wanted to let you know that I recently gave a talk at the local Spiritual Center.  I discussed:

  • The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction,
  • the movement of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius on December 21,
  • Neptune in Pisces,
  • the upcoming square of Saturn to Uranus,
  • the Sun going over the Galactic center,
  • the general planetary energy from now until 2024-2025, and
  • lots and lots of other things.

You can access that talk using the following link:

I would love to hear any comments or questions.  Enjoy!


Meaning of Saturn in the Houses


Saturn is known as the planet of restriction, limitation and the enforcer of boundaries. Because no one wants to be restricted in any way, Saturn is viewed in a very negative light by many astrologers.


While it is true that Saturn in your birth chart or by transit can be hard to deal with, it is also true that Saturn is the great teacher who rewards hard work, discipline and responsibility.

As you grow and learn, Saturn’s lessons become easier and easier to deal with. As you read the descriptions below, always keep this in mind. Saturn really and truly does bring rewards. However, it does so in its own time and place. It cannot be rushed. 

Here are some of the issues you will face when Saturn is in a certain house in your birth chart (or when it transits key areas of your chart):


Saturn in the First House you need to come to terms with inferiority issues or comparing yourself to others and always feeling that you come up short in that comparison. You appear to others to be reserved, quiet and serious and some will see you as a cold person. The first house is your mask to the world so you may be very different inside than how you are perceived. You may be subject to depression and pessimism and may feel unloved or unworthy of love. Your life lesson is to learn to love yourself so you can allow others to fully love you.


Saturn in the Second House points to issues around money and values. I have read the charts of extremely wealthy people and those of very modest means with Saturn in the second house. Every single one of them has a deep fear of not having enough money. It isn’t about how much money you have, it is about how you perceive value, money and security. These money concerns cause you to be thrifty, practical and responsible with your money and other possessions. If you have Saturn in the second house, money and possessions will not come to you easily, but will come through hard work. The more you value yourself and are able to let your money flow, the more material abundance will flow to you. Those with this placement will have a comfortable money position as they get older.


Saturn in the Third House is about insecurity around your speech, your intelligence and your ability to communicate. You may compare yourself to a sibling where you always seem to come up short. You have a serious, patient and orderly mind and good organizational ability. Here again, Saturn can bring a tendency toward depression and a feeling of loneliness. Learn to accentuate the positive of this Saturn placement, which is the considerable ability of your mind. Learn to let go of the need to monitor all of your speech and communications. You are good at bringing order to ideas and concepts. You have something important to say to the world, so don’t hold back.


Saturn in the Fourth House points to issues around home, parents, ancestors or family traditions. You will often find an overly traditional or authoritarian parent or an absent parent when you have Saturn in the fourth house. You have a natural affinity for investments in land, real estate and antiques. Your tendency to worry can affect your health, particularly through digestive issues and/or ulcers. Be wary of becoming overly disciplinarian in your dealings with your own family. Some people with this placement become the caretaker for their parents at some point in their life. Learn to let go of any hurts you received from your family of origin. Your karmic goal is to become your own authority around matters of home and nurturing.


Saturn in the Fifth House shows someone who is overly cautious regarding love matters. The fifth house is the house of love given, while the eleventh house is the house of love received. This placement can leave you feeling unloved or unappreciated because you are giving too much and receiving too little. A person with Saturn in the fifth house may find it hard to relax and to have fun. A Saturn in the fifth house parent may be quite authoritarian and/or adhere to more traditional parenting methods. It is hard for this Saturn person to express their true feelings so they may be perceived as cold and unemotional by others. You would do well to learn how to project more feeling and warmth toward others. It’s not that you are cold, just that you may appear to be so.


Saturn in the Sixth House points to issues around authority on the job, working conditions, unfair pay, etc. Someone born with Saturn in the sixth house is a hard worker who takes their job duties very seriously. Others in the workplace may resent this or not understand you, which can be a source of workplace friction. This is the sign of the workaholic who doesn’t know how to leave the job at the workplace. You may be prone to illness from overwork and worry. Those with Saturn in the sixth house need to take extra good care of their teeth, bones and the general structure of their body. Your lesson is to follow your natural inclination to serve others, but to reserve some time and energy to love and nurture yourself.


Saturn in the Seventh House tells you about your close partnerships, both romantic and business, as well as your relationship to your advisors and counselors. Sometimes Saturn in the seventh house will indicate an older partner. Saturn here can show problems with close relationships due to its restrictive nature. However, it can also point to a long-term, very committed relationship. You need to look at the entire chart to determine which is true. This placement often indicates a karmic relationship in which you become teachers to each other. Someone with this placement may not marry until later in life. The lesson of Saturn in the seventh house is to be discriminating but not too restrictive in evaluating potential partners and counselers.


Saturn in the Eighth House relates to sexual matters, financial matters, crisis, taxes and insurance. It also relates to your partner’s money and money you receive that wasn’t earned income, such as loans and inheritances.  Saturn here cautions that you need to be careful about such eighth house matters. You need to stay on top of insurance matters and to not fudge on your income tax returns (including timely filing). Saturn here indicates a person who is skilled in dealing with finances. If you have Saturn in the eighth house your partner may struggle in the early years but become very successful later due to his/her hard work and business skills.  If you have this placement, learn to modulate your fears and anxieties. Every thing that happens is not a crisis.


Saturn in the Ninth House describes your philosophies, education, and religious beliefs seen through Saturn’s filter. Those of you with this Saturn may have grown up in a household with strict morals and dogmatic or traditional religious surroundings. Though the ninth house rules travel, Saturn here makes you much more likely to stay close to home rather than to travel to exotic locations. Some of you may have had to drop out of secondary school because of money issues or family responsibilities. Overall, Saturn in the ninth house quashes the normal ninth house meaning of expanding horizons. Your task with Saturn in the ninth is to let yourself be open to learning and mind expansion of all kinds. You don’t need to agree with what you learn or hear, you just need to be open to listening to it.


Saturn in the Tenth House shows someone who has to work hard to achieve public recognition and status or such recognition may be slow in coming. However, it is also true that those with Saturn in the tenth house can reach great heights in their career (in time) due to their hard work and commitment. Saturn in the tenth house gives you business management skills.  Your father is either a man of quiet dignity or someone who is so reserved that you never felt that you really knew him. This can often be due to his death or simply his absence from your life. When Saturn is in the tenth house achieving your goals in life is part of your spiritual path. Just don’t lose sight of who you really are in your competitive search for excellence.


Saturn in the Eleventh House shows a person who takes friendships seriously. Though you will have many acquaintances and only a few close friends. With Saturn here you always feel that you are different from those around you and that you never completely fit in with the group. Similarly, you need to carefully choose the groups and friends you are involved with. Use discrimination as to how much work you will do for others. Because this is also the house of “hopes and wishes” it would be good for you to not under estimate yourself. Practice thinking big as you tend to limit yourself. This is especially true regarding career matters as this house shows money gained from your career or profession.


Saturn in the Twelfth House causes feelings of fear, doubt and inferiority. Saturn here gives you strong inner discipline and the ability to sense other’s demons. Your feelings of inhibition can cause you to shrink within yourself and to withdraw from the outside world. This is the classic position for someone who is a “late bloomer.” If you have this position it is strongly recommended that you find a spiritual practice that is meaningful to you. It must be of your own choosing and not one that is the “right” one from other’s perspectives. This Saturn placement can have a healing element so long as you let yourself reach out for such healing. Similarly, Saturn in the twelfth house can indicate a person who has strong healing abilities.


The one thing to remember with all of these Saturn placements is that where ever Saturn is, you need to balance its restrictive nature with the ability to use its protective elements .  In other words, use Saturn’s cautions and limitations but overrule them when they become overly restrictive to your life.  Also, remember that where ever Saturn is in your chart you can become the star of that house because of how much effort and understanding you put into making it work.


If you would like to explore your chart and how to work with Saturn positively, contact me for an astrology reading  A full one-hour reading is only $140.  If that doesn’t fit your budget at this time, try out a half-hour reading for only $70.  Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.


“Wings are like dreams. Before each flight, a bird takes a small jump, a leap of faith, believing that its wings will work. That jump can only be made with rock solid feet.”
― J.R. Rim

If ever there was a time to make a jump “with rock sold feet” it is now with Saturn in the serious sign of Capricorn for the next two and one-half years. The energy shifted on December 20, 2017, when Saturn moved into Capricorn, where it will stay until March 23, 2020.

Saturn’s two and one-half year transit of Sagittarius has been a crazy quilt of moving quickly forward only to be pushed back to the starting line through its retrograde motion. In line with its ruler, Jupiter, Sagittarius is an optimistic, exuberant sign of possibilities. As a mutable fire sign Sagittarius wants to move forward quickly without restriction. Horizons and limitations are just something to be ignored or transcended.

Saturn is different. It is the planet of limitations, boundaries and hard work. It is a sober, realistic planet that puts up cautionary signs to protect you from going overboard. This juxtaposition of energy has not always been easy to navigate. Questions arise.

Should I go full speed ahead toward this new thing that I want to do?
Or do I need to be more careful, pull in my expectations and stay where I am?

Jupiter ruled Sagittarius says “go for it.” Saturn in Capricorn says “no, you need to go slowly and carefully.” There is danger ahead.

Saturn loves to be in Capricorn, which is its home sign. It feels comfortable, grounded and strong in Capricorn. Its impetus to action is in tune with the grounded, cautious nature of the sign of Capricorn.

So the answer to whether to “go for it” or to hold back is both. It is definitely time to go-for-it, but you must do so in a serious, structured way. The seat-of-the-pants way that was so comfortable in Sagittarius, just won’t cut it in Capricorn.

Saturn in Capricorn favors business and restructuring, reordering and categorizing to make things more efficient, organized and productive. Solid career gains can be made during this transit, but only after you have put in the hard work and effort. Any career moves made now should be made with the long-term view in mind. The energy now is not about get-rich-quick schemes. Rather, it is about making well-thought-out plans for the future by following the steps needed to achieve your goals.

The banking system, big business, and government are all ruled by Saturn and Capricorn.
The importance of ethics, honesty and accountability will be front and center during Saturn’s journey through Capricorn. Saturn rules age and aging. With Saturn in Capricorn we need to take the threats to Social Security and Medicare seriously.

With Pluto also in Capricorn there is a lot of energy manifesting behind the scenes to bring everything to a head when the time is right. We will see this playing out during the next 2-1/2 years. When Saturn joins Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn in January of 2020, we could see a big shift regarding these matters.

It is a great time to restructure your finances, start or add to your retirement savings account(s) and to make a budget that you can stick to over the long-term. When Uranus moves into Taurus in May of 2018, the entire monetary and business system could be shaken up. Make sure that your investments are as secure as possible before that time. We are likely to see the fallout from Saturn’s square to Uranus at that time.