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May 2017, Astrological Transits That We Can Enbrace and Enjoy!





   Life is like riding a bicycle.
   To keep your balance you must keep moving.
   Albert Einstein





May brings welcome relief from the stagnant, yet chaotic and restless, energy that we all felt in April.  Anger, impatience, tiredness and frustration are now beginning to lift to be replaced by a more optimistic, yet grounded and realistic, energy pattern.

Venus went stationary direct on April 15 and Mercury follows in her footsteps by going stationary direct on May 3.  Jupiter continues its retrograde motion until June 8.  While Saturn and Pluto will remain retrograde, the retrograde energy is not felt as strongly on a day-to-day basis.  Make no mistake, the energy of retrograde Saturn and retrograde Pluto is still felt, it just doesn’t seem as urgent and stifling.

With the faster moving planets all moving forward and Saturn and Pluto retrograde, it is an excellent time to pursue your short-term goals, while also tweaking and improving your longer-term goals. It is easier to do so now with the new, lighter energy.

The Sun sextiles Neptune on May 3 bringer a dreamy quality to the day.  Nothing seems as hard-edged and urgent.  Kick back if you can and just enjoy the day.

That dreamy energy changes on May 9 when the Sun trines Pluto.  This trine gives you superb problem solving ability.  Your ability to concentrate and apply your willpower are intensified under this aspect.  Mercury conjunct Uranus on the 10th brings original, fresh (even surprising) ideas to aid you in sorting things out.


The veil is lifted on May 10 when the full Moon at 20 degrees Scorpio sextiles Pluto and trines Neptune.

Moon/Pluto aspects (especially with the full Moon) can bring up intense, buried and sometimes painful emotions.  However, it is an outstanding time to do deep meditation or to probe the depths of your motivations.

Old emotional patterns uprooted now may bring helpful ideas and insights at the May 25 new Moon at 4 degrees Gemini.



Then around May 11th and 12th we have some crazy Mars see-saw energy.

Mars square Neptune.  Mars square Neptune can bring questions around your life, your life direction and a general feeling of confusion.  This is not a good time to make decisions or to blindly follow the advice of others.  This transit can totally deflate your ego, so remember that it is only temporary (lasting only a day or two at most).  If possible spend time alone rather than mingling with others.

Mars trine Jupiter.  This is traditionally a risk-taking energy.  Risks taken now are likely to turn out well.  You have the desire and courage to make your own luck.  This is an extremely helpful aspect to further your career or to promote your business.

See what I mean by crazy and see-saw energy?  It seems that the universe is telling us to seek solitude so we can deal with any negative feelings and to then move forward optimistically and energetically.  Mercury trine Saturn and Mercury conjunct Uranus during this time period is, interestingly, giving us somewhat the same message.

Saturn trine Uranus on May 18 brings change (Uranus), but because of Saturn’s influence it isn’t a “wham” kind of change.  You have some control over how the change comes about.  This is a relatively slow moving transit so it is good for longer-term changes.  Learning a new craft or skill is especially favored under this transit.

Venus opposition Jupiter and then Venus square Pluto on May 19 through the 25th.

Mars sextile Neptune on May 28 is similar to Mars square Neptune discussed above, but the energy is milder and can be somewhat helpful.  It will bring a lower energy and, possibly, the need for solitude.  It is a good time to tune into your psychic abilities and to practice any spiritual disciplines.

The month ends with Mars opposite Saturn and Mars sextile Uranus.  Mars opposite Saturn acts like this:

  • You throw accelerant on a fire (Mars)
  • You douse the fire with water (Saturn)
  • You add kindling to the fire (Mars)
  • You throw a fire blanket over the fire to put it out (Saturn)
  • Repeat . . . . . .

This one requires lots of patience and you may have to bite your tongue and suppress your anger and simmering frustration quite a bit.

Mars sextile Uranus acts like this:

  • An accident happens (Mars/Uranus)
  • “Well it probably won’t be so bad after all – this insurance company is cooperating and it wasn’t my fault.”
  • Your car breaks down.
  • The repairs aren’t as bad as you thought they would be.
  • Repeat . . . . . .

June brings Venus trine Saturn (actually quite good) and Jupiter turning stationary direct (very good).

Enjoy the forward momentum!

April 2017 Astrology & Retrograde Planets



“Understanding and accepting the decisions you have made, good or bad, will make you bolder. Reflection helps punctuate your past and indent your future.” ― Farshad Asl, The “No Excuses” Mindset: A Life of Purpose, Passion, and Clarity


Retrograde planets are about taking time for reflection, checking systems and processes and revising, rethinking, redoing and clearing out the cob webs in your life.  The more you straighten, tidy and set things right, the more you can productively move forward when the planets resume direct motion.





The month of April is noteworthy for its many retrograde planets:

Jupiter has been retrograde since February 7 in Libra,
Saturn turns retrograde on April 7 at 27 degrees Sagittarius,
Mercury turns retrograde on April 10 at 4 degrees Taurus,
Pluto turns retrograde on April 21 at 19 degrees Capricorn,

and finally, Venus turns direct on April 16 at 26 degrees Pisces.

Venus Retrograde

I have to confess that the fallout from Venus retrograde has caught up with me. As I wrote last month’s newsletter, I was thinking, “gee, I’m am so glad that I don’t have any relationship problems. I am not involved in a romantic relationship and the relationship with all of my friends is going well.” Not so fast. Right after I posted the newsletter, problems surfaced with one of my friends. Never fear, when the planets are involved, issues that need attention will surface one way or another.

Venus is still retrograde as April begins. On April 3 Venus retrograde moves from Aries back into Pisces. The Venusian emphasis is now on spiritual matters, creativity, dreams, daydreams and psychic feedback. Venus is exalted in Pisces so its retrograde motion is easier to deal with here. Venus was not comfortable during its journey into Aries.

Venus retrograde advises us to attend to our security and survival needs, money matters, comfort level, and to all relationship matters.

On April 14 retrograde Venus conjuncts Chiron just before it resumes forward motion on the 15th. Venus conjunct Chiron brings healing energy to those matters that have been stressed by Venus retrograde. I love how it just touches Chiron before it moves forward. It is as though it is scooping up the healing energy before it once again moves forward into Aries. This is especially good energy for healing relationship and money issues.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn turns retrograde on April 7 at 27 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn will continue its retrograde motion until August 25, 2017, when it will resume forward motion at 21 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn is the great task master and is superb at showing us our limitations (and where we are limiting ourselves) and pointing out where we need to work harder and/or smarter. Saturn in Sagittarius affects matters having to do with foreign travel, lawsuits, higher education, philosophy and religion. Truth and the lack of truth will continue to make the headlines. Saturn retrograde is an excellent time to simplify, streamline and revamp any business or employment processes that have become redundant or inefficient.

If you are attending college, this would be a great time to reassess your course load and to re-evaluate your chosen major. Are you still on the right path with your educational goals? If you have been considering starting college or taking a specialized course of study, this is a good time to make plans toward those goals.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde on April 10 at 4 degrees Taurus. It will turn direct on May 4 at 24 degrees Aries. As always, be sure to back up your computer and make sure your virus scanning software is up-to-date and working properly. When communicating with others, it is always a good idea to repeat any directions or meeting schedules. Garbled messages and miscommunication is a common result of Mercury retrograde.

Venus in Pisces stations direct on April 15. I love the timing on this one. It’s a cosmic joke! Venus rules our money and resources so it is quite fitting that it would turn direct on tax day in the United States. If you haven’t already filed your tax return by the April 18th due date, take another look at it before you file it. You may find extra deductions that you didn’t previously notice.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto stations retrograde on April 21 at 19 degrees Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn is highly symbolic of much of the “interesting” government and business news that is so prevalent these days. As Pluto moves retrograde, look for new secrets and revelations come to light. By the time Pluto turns direct on September 28, we might have an entirely new view of business and government. Pluto acts slowly even when direct, so I don’t expect a significant increase in daily drama (thank goodness). However, the overall effect could be significant.

In your personal life, Pluto retrograde is a fantastic time to look at old karmic conditions and to do the deep healing work that is required. A courageous foray into resolving issues from the past that have been holding you back can bring impressive results in freeing yourself from old hangups and issues.

Venus Retrograde & March 2017 Astrology

It’s all about Venus retrograde – time to evaluate your relationship with yourself, your friends, your lovers and even your pets.




“Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you.”  Richard Bach





We continue to strongly feel the effects of the February 26 eclipse throughout the first week of March as the eclipse degree and then the ongoing Uranus/Jupiter opposition were triggered by transiting planets.

On March 4, Mars in Aries is exactly trine Saturn in Sagittarius.  I sense a lot of anger and a feeling of (almost) desperation in the air, which made it quite scary out on the highway.  Thank goodness, that energy will soon be easing.

When Venus turns stationary retrograde at 13 degrees Aries on March 4, relationship dynamics of all kinds take center stage.  When a planet retrogrades it is time to re-evaluate, rework, revise and redo.

Venus, the planet of relationships, love, beauty, net worth, self worth and value shines a laser beam on those matters until April 15 when she turns direct.

Venus retrograde is only a small part of the Venus energy of the next month.  A new eight-year Venus cycle has started, so it is an opportune time to work with the Venusian archetype.  Relationship issues that took center stage eight years ago and also around the end of January 2017 will be up for resolution all year.

Retrograde Venus is best used by re-examining old relationship issues with the purpose of learning and then letting go of those issues.  Quite often someone from the past will show up during a Venus retrograde period.  They show up to help you process the relationship so you can either redouble your efforts to make it work or, if appropriate, to let it go with blessings.

Retrograde Venus can bring a new relationship or repair a damaged relationship. I have posted an article on how to optimize the effects of Venus retrograde.

Another Venus turning point happens on March 25, when the Sun and Venus are conjunct.  Venus will disappear from the night sky for around 10 days and will reappear as a morning star.  In fact, during March those living in the Northern Hemisphere may be able to see Venus as both a morning and evening star.  A fascinating geometrical story about Venus’ dual role as an evening and morning star is that it forms an eight-sided star in the sky during its 18-month cycle (more of the astronomy of can be found at

The full Moon in Virgo square Saturn on March 12 will amp up your discernment powers to aid you in evaluating your relationships.  This configuration allows you to view all relationship matters in the cold lens of reality.  This is also an excellent time to make business and/or employment plans and to weed out those things that are not productive and/or profitable.

The spring equinox on March 20 at zero degrees Aries is like an astrological new year’s celebration.  It is absolutely the best time to set your intentions for the new astrological year.  The Sun at zero degrees Aries delivers a shot of energy and an intuitive feeling that it is time to reawaken from the long winter.  You are revitalized and reenergized.  Think big, set your intentions and act decisively!

Just for Fun:

You meet someone and you’re sure you were lovers in a past life. After two weeks with them, you realize why you haven’t kept in touch for the last two thousand years.  Al Cleathen

It’s best to keep a good sense of humor when it comes to relationship issues!  Enjoy your month.





In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

Deepak Chopra






I, like many of my friends and clients, have been going through a period of optimism, severely tempered by a feeling of pessimism and impending doom.  We are feeling extra angry and agitated and those around us are also frustrated and more prone to antagonistic and caustic words.  The planetary picture in the sky sheds light on this phenomenon.

There is an over abundance of Mars/Aries energy during the month of February.  The month opens with Mars, Moon, Uranus and Eris all in the sign of Aries.  Be especially careful around machinery and fires this month and think before you act.  This is a very impulsive, rash energy that can make you more accident prone.

Venus will move into Aries on February 3, where she forms an ongoing conjunction to Mars until the middle of the month.  Venus at zero degrees Aries also starts a very important, eight-year cycle.  As it transits around the zodiac from that starting point it will form an eight pointed star in the sky as it alternates between being a morning star and an evening star.  Venus at zero degrees Aries means Change with a capital C. It is beneficial for resetting our values and all things that relate to money or finances.

Venus conjunct Mars highlights all of the things we want but can’t have (at least right in this moment) bringing on feelings of frustration and anger.  Our value system (Venus) is threatened (Mars) causing the feelings of angst and annoyance.

Looking further at the February 2017 astrology chart we see that:

  • Uranus, the wild card planet of change, is conjunct Eris, the planet of discord,
  • Uranus and Eris are in opposition to Jupiter, the planet that doesn’t always know when in stop.  Jupiter is actually egging on the volatile Aries energy.
  • Uranus and Eris are square Pluto, the planet of control. Everyone wants to be the boss. The more we (or others) try to be in control (Pluto) the more each party pushes their agenda and the angrier everyone gets.
  • Uranus and Eris are trine Saturn, which is a very good thing. Saturn is the cool, authoritative voice that steps in and says, “that’s enough now boys/girls, time to break it up and get back to work.”  Instead of fighting go do something useful.”

Saturn’s words can be very useful in coping with this overheated energy.  Whenever you feel agitated, angry or discombobulated, find another outlet such as physical exercise (Mars) or hard work (Saturn) to release the pent up steam.

The full Moon lunar eclipse of February 10 at 22 degrees of Leo/Aquarius will fall on these volatile points.  A lunar eclipse is an excellent time to take a look at what is outdated and no longer serving you.  It is a time of release and an excellent time to prepare for the new energy that the February 26 solar eclipse will bring.  See my Leo Moon eclipse article.

Valentine’s Day on February 14 finds the emotional Moon in the partnership sign of Libra opposing Mars and Venus.  This could be a very passionate and exciting day for you so long as you stop any disagreements quickly without holding a grudge.  Passionate energy can sometimes masquerade as anger and vice versa.

Finally, on February 26, we have a new Moon solar eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces.  The volatile energy that  has been present all month will continue.  This active, masculine energy is an opportune time to start new projects, move projects forward, and to revive old projects that have become dormant.

Though things are certainly still super charged, I am optimistic about the overall planetary picture.  I love that the gentle, compassionate Piscean archetype is prominent at the time of the eclipse.  Not only are the Sun and Moon in Pisces, but also Mercury, the South Node, Neptune and Chiron.  Gentle exercise such as yoga or qigong, meditation or long walks near water will be very healing for you.  Pay attention to your daydreams, dreams, intuition and flashes of insight at this time.

It truly is a wonderful time to:  “Keep the stillness inside of you in the midst of movement and chaos.”  You will be happy and surprised by the remarkable insights that can surface at this time!


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