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Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Aquarius

Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
June 15, 2011

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

The June 15, 2011 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Calls for a “Letting Go” of Something

The June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse on the Sagittarius Moon/Gemini Sun axis brings an emotional time, possibly having to do with endings of some kind. The Moon is about change and she is often a trigger to set things in motion that have been “lounging in the wings” waiting for a call to action. Additionally, with the Moon in the shadow of the Earth feelings from the subconscious and unconscious are often brought to the surface for us to look at. Emotions and concerns that have been ignored for oh-so-long, will fight their way out of the darkness to be heard. It is time to examine what has been hidden. Time to examine and sort the people, things, and emotional attachments in your life. Are they positive or negative? Can they be changed? The tighter we hold on to the outworn aspects of our life the less room there is to allow new empowering energy to come in.

The June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse Calls for a Deepening of Communication

This June 15 lunar eclipse positions the Sun conjunct the South Node in Gemini. The South Node always pertains to the past in some way. It highlights those things that once served us but no longer are of benefit. Thus, the South Node conjunct the Sun in Gemini points to ways of thinking and communicating that are no longer serving us as they should. Gemini energy is fast thinking, fast talking, and multi-tasking with a sometimes rather superficial gathering of facts. A somewhat exaggerated saying with a grain of truth is that a Gemini “never met a piece of information that he/she didn’t love.” The downfall to this frantic gathering of information is that the brain becomes weary and the stress level sky rockets.

The Moon is conjunct the North Node in Sagittarius. This is an indication that it is time to channel our mental activities into a higher spiritual or philosophical purpose. It could indicate an advanced study such as college or foreign travel. However it manifests, the remedy is to channel the thinking into a purpose and strategy.

The June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse May Bring Someone Into Your Life

On a mundane level if the Sun/South Node eclipse conjunction falls on one of your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) you could have someone from the past re-enter your life. This person could embody the characteristics of Gemini. That is, he or she may love to share ideas and may be great communicator.

The Moon/North Node conjunction in Sagittarius could bring someone new into your life. That person will stimulate you to question the bigger questions of life or they may be a teacher to you in some way.

Summary of the Meaning of This Sagittarian Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Bringing the above ideas together, we have the theme of change (Moon) and communication (Gemini) and the need to let go of that which is no longer serving us (Moon). We also have the theme of a deepening of our thoughts in a more purposeful, focused way (Gemini Sun opposing the Sagittarius Moon).

Because each of your charts are different, this lunar eclipse will affect you in different ways. The essential meaning I have given will need to be blended with the house in which the eclipse falls. The houses that the eclipse falls in will point out the areas of your life that will be affected. You will also need to consider the planets it contacts. Also, I have not delineated the aspects the Sun and Moon make to other planets on the day of the eclipse. All of these are vitally important. Just remember to add the theme of the need to release those things that are no longer serving you. Then, add the theme of communication brought to a higher level to any of the other meanings that show up in your own chart.

Hopefully, that will give you some ideas of how this eclipse will relate to you personally.

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Partial Solar Eclipse in Gemini
June 01, 2011

The partial solar eclipse on June 1, 2011 falls at 11 degrees Gemini. The simple explanation for an eclipse is that an eclipse can only occur when the Moon moves between the earth and Sun in such a way that it blocks the image of the Sun as viewed by a person on Earth.

This blockage of the Sun by the Moon can only occur when the transiting Moon is within a certain orb (distance in degrees) of the North or South Node. Thus a partial solar eclipse can only occur when the new Moon is within 15 degrees 21 minutes of the degree of the North or South Node. A total solar eclipse can only occur when the new Moon is within 0 degrees and 9 degrees 55 minutes of either Node. Because the new Moon is at 11 degrees Gemini and the South Node is at 24 degrees Gemini the Moon and the South Node are approximately 13 degrees apart. This is within orb for a partial solar eclipse but too far apart for a total solar eclipse.

This June 1 partial solar eclipse is part of the Saros 13 Old South series of solar eclipses that feature a Jupiter/New Moon conjunction and Mars on the midpoint of New Moon/Saturn as part of its signature energy. That is, it carries this energy as part of its essence. This old, carried-forward energy then combines with the energy of the current transiting New Moon in Gemini trine Saturn retrograde in Libra and square Chiron and Neptune in Pisces.

What does all of this mean to you? Let’s put it all together.

  • Jupiter (from the old Saros series) conjunct the eclipse new moon/sun carries a spirit of optimism regarding something new. A time to start something in a spirit of optimism with a possible happy outcome.

  • Mars (from the old Saros series) on the New Moon/Saturn midpoint brings emotional feelings of inhibition or inferiority, but can also provide the desire to overcome difficulties and the stamina to see a tiresome project through to the end if sufficient self control is applied.

  • Saturn now retrograde in Libra forms a close trine to the eclipse in Gemini. This aspect will bring form and structure to any changes that we implement at this time.

  • The Moon/Sun duo squares Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. At the time of the eclipse there may be some confusion or you may have trouble sorting out your thoughts (Neptune). However, it is a great time to meditate on any desired changes. A clear mind (Gemini) is essential for bringing about the moon changes indicated by the eclipse. The Sun/Moon square to Chiron urges you to dare to express your individuality, which can bring great healing to your psyche.

  • The moon is always about change. The New Moon relates to starting something new–a new project, job, relationship, etc. The New Moon in Gemini specifically relates to those matters having to do with communication. That is, writing, speaking, emailing, etc.

  • The New Moon trine Saturn retrograde in Libra lets us know that we are supported by easy energy (trine) as we put a foundation (Saturn) under our new ideas. Also, because Saturn is retrograde we will be supported in resurrecting an old idea or project and trying to bring it to fruition in a new or novel way. Once Saturn turns direct after June 12 we will be able to move forward with gusto on any change implemented at the eclipse. However, we must be mindful that trines only work if we work them. That is, in order to get the blessing of the trine we need to do the hard work called for by Saturn.

Putting it all together, the New Moon solar eclipse is an excellent time to pursue new ideas and to move new projects forward through communication and working the plan. It is an excellent time to look for a new job or to revamp an old job. Look to the house in your natal chart where the eclipse occurs to get more specific information to determine what area of your life these changes will occur. For instance if the eclipse falls in your 7th house of relationships, it would be a good time to find a new relationship or to revamp an old one. You would be aided in this effort by using good communication skills (eclipse in Gemini) and to put forth the effort needed to bring about a change.

I hope this helped you understand the June 1, 2011 partial solar eclipse in Gemini.  I would love to hear any comments or questions you may have. If you wish to have a more personal reading please Schedule an Astrology Reading or call me at (720) 362-3305.

Eclipses in Astrology – General Information

Hello to all of my wonderful new friends who have checked into my website and offered comments and questions and to all of you new visitors. I am quite humbled by the amount of attention my eclipse articles have generated and thank each of you for making them a success.

Because many of you are concerned about doom and gloom reports on eclipses, I have decided to post more information on the nature of eclipses. I hope it eases your mind.

  1. A very important thing to remember about all astrological interpretations regarding transits, progressions, solar returns, eclipses, etc. is that nothing can happen if it isn’t first contained in the birth chart. What this means is that unless a transiting body aspects a natal planet or point, its effect will be negligible or nonexistent. Furthermore, it is necessary to look at the type of aspect that is being made. Conjunctions, squares, oppositions, semi-squares and sesquiquadrates bring about action and could cause something to happen. Trines and sextiles are easy energy. They just sort of flow and seldom cause a significant event unless action is taken by you.

  2. A lunar eclipse is often more emotional and internal. A lot is going on but it is within your own psyche. Therefore, quite often the events brought about by a lunar eclipse were brought about because a person impacted by the eclipse felt antsy and “just had to do something.” That action then brought about an event of some sort. Because they are so internal, lunar eclipses can be quite uncomfortable. The lunar eclipse of June 2010, was a good example. That eclipse fell on the cardinal T-square and generated a lot of emotion in those who were affected. However, uncomfortable is just that, uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean they are “bad.”

A lunar eclipse may bring sudden awareness of things that you were previously unaware of. Revelation, culmination and completion are other keywords that can be used to describe a lunar eclipse. They may impact relationships (because of the emotional component). But you do have some control over that. It might be wise not to discuss “charged” issues during an eclipse, etc.

  1. Solar eclipses are more external. They may bring in events that take us by surprise in some way. Again, this event could be either “good” or “bad.” As in transits generally, at a solar eclipse something that another person does, an external event or something in the news can have an impact on us. The important thing to remember is that, in most cases, the energy is coming from outside us. Solar eclipses can bring a lot of progress if we are able to harness the energy and use it to our advantage.

  2. Eclipses, whether “good” or “bad” often bring things to light that you have tried to keep hidden. It may be time for soul searching. Have you been above-board in all matters?

  3. Often the thing that makes an eclipse memorable in your life, is not just the immediate energy from an eclipse season (the lunar and then the solar in a couple of weeks), but the impact it has as time goes on.

  4. The difficulty of a particular eclipse depends on the Saros series to which it belongs. Each eclipse carries energy from the beginning of the series. Some of the series are quite difficult. Others are not. The particular series we are now dealing with in December 2010 and January 2011, are not a particularly difficult series.

  5. Eclipses have power ratings depending on the intensity in the location where you live. If a solar eclipse is total in the area where you live, it is considered to be more powerful for you.

  6. Most things that happen have a benefit in them somewhere. Sometimes it is very hard to find it, but it is there. I can attest from my own life that some of the hardest times took me to a much better place.

  7. One of the biggest values of astrology is that it offers a timetable for when you can expect better times. It may not be as soon as you would like to see it, but it still gives you something to hold onto to make it through the rough times.

I hope this helps, blessings to all.

Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse Comments

Hello everyone,

I appreciate all of your comments to my recent eclipse articles. Just wanted to let you know that I will reply as I can. I am getting an amazing number of comments and simply can’t keep up. I will get back to you as soon as possible though. Many thanks. Astroherb