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Planetary Positions

Current Moon Phase

Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon

The moon is currently in Aquarius

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011 in Gemini

The moon in this full moon lunar eclipse falls at 18 degrees in the sign of Gemini with the eclipse Sun at 18 degrees Sagittarius.  Communication (Gemini) and speaking your truth (Sagittarius) are in the spotlight.  With Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, retrograde at 4 degrees Sagittarius at the time of the eclipse and with the Sun in Sagittarius, we must be mindful of how we speak that truth.  Mercury retrograde can garble our words and the Sun in Sagittarius can cause uncensored words that can be hurtful to others.  In addition the eclipse is square (challenge) transiting Mars (aggression, anger, action), a classic configuration for “hasty words long regretted.”

Obviously, the days around the eclipse are not a good time to hold important discussions, especially those in which hurt feelings or righteous anger could result. 

It is much better to use this time to become aware of your own truth to yourself.  Many of you are going through rather difficult Pluto transits (deep transformation) that often involve loss of all your carefully built structures such as jobs, relationships and a clear sense of self.  Though Pluto transits can be devastating, they are useful in getting rid of those things in our life that no longer serve us or that have served their purpose.  

This lunar eclipse is an excellent time to deeply consider how you wish to rebuild the structure of your life.  That is, what worked in the past but no longer works?  What can I salvage and what should I let go of.  What would I really like my life to look like now and in the future?  How can I take baby steps toward that life? 

Need ideas on how to make your life better?  This lunar eclipse highlighting the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is ideal for finding new inspiration.  Spend some time meditating on new ideas.  When Mercury becomes direct after December 14th you can begin to try these new ideas and to put the good ones into action. 

New Years eve will be a powerful time when Mercury transits over the eclipse point of 18 degrees Sagittarius.  When an eclipse point is activated by a transit the power of that planet is added to the eclipse dynamics.  In this case, it is an even stronger emphasis on communication and truth.  However, on New Year’s eve Mercury is direct, not retrograde as it was previously.  It is time to put your ideas into action. 

Remember that square of the December 10 lunar eclipse to transiting Mars?  By December 31, 2011, Mars is partile (within one degree) of an exact square of the eclipse point.  It would be wise to continue to watch your words and actions so that you do not stir up unnecessary trouble.  However, the good news of a Mars square is that you will be challenged to put your ideas into action.  Good ideas along with action can go a long way to propel you toward your goals!

November 25, 2011, Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Two Men Playing Chess”

Sabian symbol for the eclipse degree.

The November 25 Solar Eclipse falls at 02:36 degrees of Sagittarius with a polarity to 02:36 Gemini. This eclipse belongs to Saros Series 14 North, which started on April 29, 1074, with strong Neptune/Saturn and Venus/Uranus/Neptune energy. That first Saros 14 North eclipse brought in a time of great confusion (Neptune) and unexpected (Uranus), sometimes daunting energy (Saturn), which affected personal relationships (Venus) among other things. For those of you who have read my previous eclipse articles, you know that the energy around an eclipse at its beginning (that is on April 29, 1074) must be blended with the energy of the current eclipse.

The current eclipse continues the Neptune and Uranus energy. The Sun and Moon are square Neptune, Mars, and Chiron and inconjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus. The Moon is also parallel the North Node by declination. This eclipse continues the somewhat confusing energy started at the first Saros series (Neptune) and has a bit of unexpected, wild card energy (Uranus). However, it also has a spirit of optimism because the eclipse takes place in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of optimism and abundance.

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse degree, “Two Men Playing Chess,” gives helpful clues about how to navigate this eclipse. Before, I explain that symbology, let’s first break down the planetary energy:

  • Sun/Moon square Neptune – This eclipse aspect highlights our dreams and our psychic abilities but also can bring confusion, delusion and illusion. A very positive outcome can be had by really tuning into our dreams and by being aware of synchronicities and messages from our subconscious. The trick is to be aware of the danger of self delusion and to be on guard against delusion toward us from others. Read the fine print and remember that “if its too good to be true” it probably isn’t true.

  • Sun/Moon square Mars – We may be more prone to anger and angry outbursts. The positive way to handle this powerful square to Mars is to transmute our anger into positive actions. What a wonderful time this would be to start an exercise program!

  • Mars square Neptune – A Mars/Neptune square could bring a lot of anger around others’ perceived misdeeds; or it could bring a sort of free floating anger/anxiety with no known cause. A good use of this energy is to convert it into action towards something that will help humanity (even in a very, very small way).

  • Sun/Moon square Chiron – What hurts and unhealthy habits have we been hanging to that are making our life challenging? Chiron is an asteroid that brings the message that disease, dysfunction and disorder, are our teachers. Chiron has a special affinity to Mars (see above Mars aspects). This is a good time to heal ourselves by using our Mars energy in a more positive way.

  • Sun/Moon inconjunct Jupiter – An inconjunct aspect (150 degrees) is like a constant friction. It feels like something needs to be fixed, but we can’t seem to fix it. We need to think about this one in more detail. The Sun and Moon are in Sagittarius. Remember that Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. So here we have Jupiter energy causing friction to Jupiter. The Sun and Moon are called the “lights” because they shine light on everything. This aspect is asking us to shine light on our problems and frictions in order to reap the benefits of the positive side of Jupiter. Similarly, we must be aware of the negative side of Jupiter which is out-of-control expansion with no regard to the outcome. Think of the housing boom and bust – a very Jupiterian phenomena.

  • Sun/Moon trine Uranus – Here the planet of freedom, individuality and revolution is highlighted in a flowing trine. Ask yourself, “where do I need to break away from that which is confining me.” Just remember that the confinement is often self imposed. It is also important to be aware of the Mars square mentioned above. You could be very prone to break away from something in a fit of anger that you would later regret.

Okay, back to the Sabian symbol, “Two Men Playing Chess,” and how it can be used to navigate the eclipse. Good chess players concentrate and plan their moves carefully. Even so, sudden upsets are common in the game. Competition can get out of hand and escalate causing angry feelings. Therefore to navigate this eclipse in the best possible way:

  • Think before you act.

  • Flow with any upsets, tomorrow is another day.

  • Monitor any angry feelings. Is the target of your anger really the cause?

  • Think positively, but be aware that ungrounded, out of control optimism can be detrimental.

  • Assert your need for freedom and individuality if you feel it is appropriate, but do it carefully and mindfully.

  • Above all, keep your focus on the big picture. Will your actions bring you toward your long-term goals or will they only bring temporary gratification?

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July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse in Cancer

A large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process.”
Eclipse Sabian Symbol for 10 degrees Cancer

The early summer season promises to be quite eventful. It starts with the forward motion of Saturn on July 13, 2011 after its 4-1/1 month retrograde journey from 17 degrees Libra back to 10 degrees Libra. Saturn at 10 degrees Libra will make a square aspect (challenge) to the Sun/Moon eclipse conjunction at 9 degrees Cancer. In addition, the eclipse Sun and Moon are in square aspect to Uranus and in an opposition aspect to Pluto. These orbs (the difference in degree between two planets placement) are quite tight, which gives the eclipse added power.

Picture the Sun and Moon having a party. They have invited some very heavy hitting guests–Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. Actually looking closer, its probably not a party, but a business meeting held in the home (eclipse in Cancer)—a business meeting where each of the parties are challenging each other and each wants to be heard. The Sun and Moon seated at one end of the table are listening to everyone forcefully present their needs and trying to make sense of it all. Let’s take a look to determine what is really going on at this “business meeting.”

The Sun is the active, life giving light that represents a purposeful, directed and proud being. Let’s picture him setting at the head of the table. Next to him is the Moon, the light that contains our deepest personal needs, our intuitive, sentimental, introspective side. She doesn’t seem to be as strong as her partner, the sun, but her subconscious is very powerful. She gets things done through the emotions and uses her intuition to make sense of things.

At the far end of the table dark Pluto sits retrograde in Capricorn (opposition to the eclipse). He is all about control and transformation. Capricorn is about business, career and public appearances. Pluto reveals secrets and wants transformation at any cost. He is intense and has extreme will power.

Uranus at 4 degrees Aries is to the left of the eclipse. Uranus is a wild card ready to act, possibly in a volatile way. He says, “freedom is everything.” “Let’s just do something!” His hair is standing up and his eyes are a little wide. He is volatile, but inventive, and sudden change is his signature.

Dour Saturn at 10 degrees Libra is sitting 90 degrees (square) to the left of the eclipse. Saturn is careful and limiting. Work is his mantra. “Let’s slow down, work harder, keep our nose to the grindstone. We don’t want to jump to any conclusions.” He is the authority. Can you see how he would challenge the control that Pluto is wielding? Can you see how he is in opposition to everything that Uranus stands for? Oh my!

What are the Sun and Moon to do? They are sitting right in the middle of a grand square with the other very powerful planets. The Sun exerts considerable power but certainly has some powerful voices to contend with. The Moon may get moody or emotional and will make a heartfelt appeal to the other powerful guests. She will use her intuition to solve the puzzle and may change things several times.

The above was a quite whimsical way of explaining the eclipse dynamics, but there is a lot of truth to this silly little story. This eclipse is all about challenges toward bringing the warring parts of ourselves into alignment through a sometimes arduous process of self transformation.

This eclipse will set off some powerful energy that will raise conflicting needs. Emotions will run high, but they may not always be visible. Challenges abound. But as the Sabian symbol implies, we and our life’s work are like a diamond in the rough. Through the challenging energy of the eclipse we are being called to use the planetary energy to make our life the best possible. The planets are giving clues about navigating the energy of the eclipse:

Sun – stay purposeful, be yourself and appreciate yourself.

Moon – use your intuition and heart to guide you toward what you want.

Saturn – keep working hard, even when things are discouraging.

Pluto – use your will power to let go or transform what is no longer serving you.

Uranus – use your inventive mind and never be afraid of change or of being different.

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Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
June 15, 2011

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

The June 15, 2011 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Calls for a “Letting Go” of Something

The June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse on the Sagittarius Moon/Gemini Sun axis brings an emotional time, possibly having to do with endings of some kind. The Moon is about change and she is often a trigger to set things in motion that have been “lounging in the wings” waiting for a call to action. Additionally, with the Moon in the shadow of the Earth feelings from the subconscious and unconscious are often brought to the surface for us to look at. Emotions and concerns that have been ignored for oh-so-long, will fight their way out of the darkness to be heard. It is time to examine what has been hidden. Time to examine and sort the people, things, and emotional attachments in your life. Are they positive or negative? Can they be changed? The tighter we hold on to the outworn aspects of our life the less room there is to allow new empowering energy to come in.

The June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse Calls for a Deepening of Communication

This June 15 lunar eclipse positions the Sun conjunct the South Node in Gemini. The South Node always pertains to the past in some way. It highlights those things that once served us but no longer are of benefit. Thus, the South Node conjunct the Sun in Gemini points to ways of thinking and communicating that are no longer serving us as they should. Gemini energy is fast thinking, fast talking, and multi-tasking with a sometimes rather superficial gathering of facts. A somewhat exaggerated saying with a grain of truth is that a Gemini “never met a piece of information that he/she didn’t love.” The downfall to this frantic gathering of information is that the brain becomes weary and the stress level sky rockets.

The Moon is conjunct the North Node in Sagittarius. This is an indication that it is time to channel our mental activities into a higher spiritual or philosophical purpose. It could indicate an advanced study such as college or foreign travel. However it manifests, the remedy is to channel the thinking into a purpose and strategy.

The June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse May Bring Someone Into Your Life

On a mundane level if the Sun/South Node eclipse conjunction falls on one of your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) you could have someone from the past re-enter your life. This person could embody the characteristics of Gemini. That is, he or she may love to share ideas and may be great communicator.

The Moon/North Node conjunction in Sagittarius could bring someone new into your life. That person will stimulate you to question the bigger questions of life or they may be a teacher to you in some way.

Summary of the Meaning of This Sagittarian Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Bringing the above ideas together, we have the theme of change (Moon) and communication (Gemini) and the need to let go of that which is no longer serving us (Moon). We also have the theme of a deepening of our thoughts in a more purposeful, focused way (Gemini Sun opposing the Sagittarius Moon).

Because each of your charts are different, this lunar eclipse will affect you in different ways. The essential meaning I have given will need to be blended with the house in which the eclipse falls. The houses that the eclipse falls in will point out the areas of your life that will be affected. You will also need to consider the planets it contacts. Also, I have not delineated the aspects the Sun and Moon make to other planets on the day of the eclipse. All of these are vitally important. Just remember to add the theme of the need to release those things that are no longer serving you. Then, add the theme of communication brought to a higher level to any of the other meanings that show up in your own chart.

Hopefully, that will give you some ideas of how this eclipse will relate to you personally.

I highly recommend a more in-depth, personal reading  Schedule an Astrology Reading or call me at (720) 362-3305.

I encourage you to leave a comment by posting your comment in the comment box immediately below this article. Though, I will not be able to respond to all of your comments, I will reply to a few.