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Third Quarter Moon

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse April 25, 2013


“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” ― Eckhart Tolle


The Scorpio eclipse full moon falls at 5 degrees of Scorpio and the eclipse Sun falls at 5 degrees of Taurus in this April 25, 2013 lunar eclipse.  A lunar eclipse always falls on a full moon and it always creates an opposition aspect between the Sun (our forward-moving urge to be) and the Moon (our tender emotional body and the things we feel we need).  An opposition aspect creates a dynamic tension.  An opposition between the Sun and Moon pits our rational mind (Sun) against our emotional, primal feeling of need (Moon).  In this particular eclipse the tension is even stronger than usual because the Sun and Moon are in opposition in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

In addition, the Moon (emotion, what we feel we need) is conjunct Saturn (limitation and responsibility).  The Sun (our conscious mind and rationality) is conjunct Mars (anger and the urge for action), while it opposes the Saturn/Moon conjunction.  This sets up a situation in which we may feel emotionally needy and vulnerable (Moon/Saturn) but also feel like we must act (Mars) to defend our self image (Sun).  It would be best to tread lightly and not try to fix   relationship or family problems while the eclipse energy is strong.

Taurus is a sign that likes comfort and security.  As a general rule, those with a strong Taurus signature in their chart (Sun, Moon, Ascendant or chart ruler) don’t like to take chances. They may stay put, even when some movement and change in their life might be beneficial.

The sign of Scorpio, while not welcoming change with open arms, is the sign of transformation.  Because of that, there is strong survivor energy in the sign of Scorpio.  Scorpios deal with chaos better than any other sign in the Zodiac.  If I were ever caught in a burning building, I would hope that there was a Scorpio nearby to lead me to safety.  Because of this, Scorpios are willing to set up a situation where the normal definition of security is nowhere to be found, even though they are a fixed sign and do not inherently welcome change.

What this means to those of you who are strongly affected by the eclipse, is that if you are in a situation that you know is no longer in your best interest, there will most likely be a war going on within you as to whether you should stay or go—or bail out—or dig in your heals.  The question to ask yourself is:  “Am I willing to go through the chaos and uncertainty brought about by change in order to make a better life for myself?”  The potential change can show up in conditions around relationships, material goods, or ideas and philosophies.  Change causes discomfort wherever it is found; but it also can bring about a more positive life situation.

The people most strongly affected by this eclipse are those with planets from zero to 12 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.  Those with planets in the last two degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn may also feel its effect.  If the eclipse strongly affects you, it is best that you make the changes that you know are in your best interests, because the strong eclipse energy will sometimes move you along unwillingly.


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Gemini Lunar Eclipse November 28, 2012

The full moon lunar eclipse at 6 degrees Gemini will bring up latent emotions and thoughts, especially those dealing with schools, siblings, neighborhood matters and communication of all kinds.  The Sun in opposition to the Moon at 6 degrees Sagittarius will add energy to matters relating to higher education, religion, spirituality, travel and legal matters.  The eclipse will be especially strong for those with planets near 6 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).

In a full moon lunar eclipse the Sun is always opposite the moon.  Thus, our feeling nature (Moon) is at odds with our thinking nature and with our perception of who we are (Sun).  This can cause an innate tension within us, which we will invariably project outward to those around us.  This Sun/Moon opposition may test your belief system, and your interaction with those around you.  We will be challenged to consider others’ opinions and beliefs; because the eclipse falls in mutable signs it will be much easier to do so.  Maintaining an open mind will broaden your horizons and will help you establish rapport with those around you.

In a special twist, Mercury, the planet of communication and ruler of Gemini, goes direct on Monday, November 26, two days before the eclipse.  Uranus the planet of sudden change, freedom and innovative ideas turns direct on December 13, 15 days after the eclipse.  Uranus is trine the lunar eclipse and Jupiter is conjunct the Moon.  This adds the question of freedom and abundance to our interpretation of the eclipse.  The soul searching required during the time of  Mercury and Uranus retrograde will finally bring out the truth of those matters we have been considering.  Use the time between the lunar eclipse and the forward motion of Uranus to ponder:

  • Where have my beliefs been right and where can they use some tweaking?
  • What am I emotional about and how can I use those emotions to move me forward to my most authentic life?
  • Have I been too rigid in my belief system?
  • Where do I need more freedom in my life and how can I achieve that? And finally,
  • What would I do if I could actually have what I am wishing for?

As mentioned above, we will do best with this energy if we do not close our minds to the viewpoints of others.  A rich depth of meaning can come forth when we combine our own contemplations with the ideas of others.

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse Moon at 7 degrees Gemini is “An old fashioned well with the purest and coldest of waters.”  The symbol of the well speaks to inner wisdom and being supported by the past.  It also cautions that we may need to dig deep to find the best answers and that we may have overlooked the best solution in our quest to always use and have the newest and best.  You may find out more about interpreting the Sabian symbols here.

In summary, this Lunar eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius can bring profound awareness that can change our lives. Be careful what you wish for and then proceed with confidence and awareness! Let go of the old and let the new that is tugging at your shirttails in.

Scorpio Solar Eclipse November 13, 2012

The November 13, 2012 solar eclipse falls at 22 degrees Scorpio.  It is Saros number 133 in the Saros Series 15 North.  The first eclipse in this series occurred on July 13, 1219.  A solar eclipse in this series will occur every 18 years at the north node of the moon.  A solar eclipse at near 22 degrees Scorpio last occurred on November 13, 1993.  The last eclipse in Saros Series 15 North occurred November 3, 1994 at 10 degrees Scorpio. 

By looking back at those dates, you can determine a little bit of how the energy of this solar eclipse will affect you.  Be careful in your interpretation though, because the transiting planets are different now.  Think about what was important in your life at that time.  How are you different today from how you were in 1993 and 1994.  What have you learned since that time?  Where did you make headway and where did you slide backwards?  Most importantly, ask yourself what do I have to do now to move towards what I want to do and be at this time.

Overall, the tone of the eclipse is about travelling a new path and/or taking on a new role in life.  Transformation (Scorpio) is the key word for the eclipse.  Be prepared for some sadness and maybe a sense of upheaval and disorientation as people and things leave your life.  Some of the changes could come from out of the blue so it is best to be prepared, as best you can, for the unexpected.  However, this eclipse has an optimistic tone about it.  As you leave that which is no longer working behind, and embark on the new path with responsibility, blessings will eventually manifest in your life.

For those of you who feel stuck, this eclipse may bring to light your deepest desires, worse fears and, as a result, a feeling of frustration with life and the status quo.  Just know that the eclipse will help expose and heal those things that are holding you back if you work with it.

When the Eclipse Falls on Your Planets:  You will feel the effects of the eclipse most strongly when the eclipse is conjunct, square or opposed to any natal planet.  That is, if you have a planet or angle (Ascendant, IC, Descendant or MC) at 17 to 27 degrees Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus or Leo, that planet or angle will be affected by the eclipse energy.  The house holding your natal planet will give you more information.

Eclipse on Your Sun.  You will be noticed by others.  You may need to make a crucial decision.  Positive effects can bring rewards and your sense of personal power can improve.  Negative effects can bring about an identity crisis, with an all time low self image and feelings of inferiority.  Dealings with your father come into focus. 

Eclipse on Your Moon.  An eclipse on your moon could bring about new living arrangements and changes with family members.  Relationships with women are highlighted.  You may become more introspective and private with widely fluctuating emotions.  Negative emotions can have an adverse effect on your digestion, stomach and the fluid balance of the body.

Eclipse on Your Mercury.  It may be time to let go of an idea that didn’t work, or conversely, to take an idea you have had for awhile and run with it.  However, because Mercury is now retrograde you may want to wait until it goes direct on November 27 to implement important conversations or ideas.  It can indicate a job change and increased interactions with siblings and neighbors. 

Eclipse on Your Venus.  This solar eclipse can bring an emphasis on money matters, earnings, material assets and your day to day comfort (or lack thereof).  There could be sudden attractions (possibly karmic) or separations, especially as it relates to love relationships.  If Venus is in your career house, it could bring benefits in the career area.

Eclipse on Your Mars.  A long-brewing conflict can come into focus.  Beware of becoming over-stimulated and aggravated under a Mars/Eclipse aspect.  Positively, you can become energized so that you can start or finish an important project.

Eclipse on Your Jupiter.  An eclipsed Jupiter can give you a sense of confidence and motivation—“I can take on the world.”  If so, beware over extending yourself and/or taking on too much risk.  You may question old spiritual or philosophical beliefs, or wish to refine those beliefs.  You may attract material goods, spiritual growth or teachers, and blessings.  It may bring lots of travel or expose you to higher learning of some kind.

Eclipse on Your Saturn.  An eclipse to Saturn brings professional and business concerns into focus and can bring more stability in career matters in the long-term.  Because of the nature of solar eclipses, you may have to give something up to achieve this. You may find a mentor, or an older person who has beneficial advice for you.  It could highlight a need to take care of your bones, teeth and skeletal structure.

Eclipse on Your Uranus.  Breaking chains—exciting times are ahead!  You must learn to be flexible and handle change, but it can bring a new sense of freedom and excitement.  It may bring a person into your life that will have a profound and positive effect on you.

Eclipse on Your Neptune.  An eclipse on Neptune can bring inspiration, spirituality, creativity and bliss.  Or, it can bring addiction, confusion and delusion.  Choose wisely.

Eclipse on Your Pluto.  Most certainly will bring lasting changes to your life.  It may feel like the rug is pulled out from under you, but long-term can set you on a better path.  Can bring intense, complicated relationship matters or power struggles and confrontations.

Eclipse on Your Chart Angles.  An eclipse on your ascendant can change your appearance and how you think about yourself; on your IC you may question your family ties and/or early life foundation; on your descendant it may bring relationship changes; and on your midheaven will bring changes in career and public standing.

Lunar Eclipse June 4, 2012

On 4 June 2012, there will be a partial lunar eclipse. The eclipsed Moon will be at 14 degrees Sagittarius, opposing the Sun/Venus conjunction at 14 degrees Gemini. The eclipsed Moon and the Sun will be forming a T-square to Mars in Virgo.

This eclipse will mainly affect those with planets or angles (ascendant, descendant, IC and midheaven) between 9 and 19 degrees in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). 

You may also be affected if you have planets at 30 degrees (semi-sextile), 45 degrees (semi-square), 60 degrees (sextile), 120 degrees (trine), or 150 degrees (inconjunct) from 14 degrees Sagittarius or Gemini.  However, the effect will most likely not be as dramatic with these aspects.

Moon Opposing the Sun/Venus Conjunction

There is an inherent tug of war in all oppositions.  A lunar eclipse will always point out conflicts between the head and the heart.  Here, with the Moon in Sagittarius, there is a need for deep reflection and understanding, perhaps on a spiritual level.  The Sun in Gemini wants more facts, more information, more stimulation, but doesn’t really want to take the time to understand anything on a deep level. 

The Moon’s opposition to Venus asks you to reconcile the difference between the external appearance and the inner, emotional knowing.  Also, are your deep, emotional needs in tune with the value system you are using?  The Moon shows what we need emotionally, while Venus reflects our values.  It is very easy to get caught up in the values of the external world to the extent that we ignore our own inner voice.

Venus Transiting the Face of the Sun

On June 5, 2012, immediately after the eclipse, the Earth, Venus and the Sun will be conjunct  at 15 degrees Gemini and we will be able to see Venus crossing the face of the sun in silhouette.  These unique Venus transits come in pairs eight years apart, but the pairs only occur every 100-plus years.  The last time this happened was in June 2004. The next one will occur in the year 2117. 

This adds considerable Venusian energy to the eclipse dynamics.  Though it is happening a day after the eclipse, it is still very strong.  With Venus retrograde, relationship dynamics are under considerable strain. 

Sun and Moon Square Mars in Virgo

Though this eclipse is somewhat mild compared to others, there could be definite upsets in the area of relationships.  The Moon and Venus rule women and the Sun and Mars are masculine.  Mars in Virgo square the Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon could bring angry, picky fights, with emotional hurt feelings and with neither partner taking the time to understand the other.  My best advice would be to avoid hasty words and quick, biting retorts during this eclipse period.

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