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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Libra

New Moon Solar Eclipse September 1, 2016 – Separating Illusion from Reality

Solar Eclipse

This solar eclipse falls at 9 degrees Virgo. It will have the greatest effect on those with planets or points between 4 and 15 degrees of any of the mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini).

This September 1, 2016 solar eclipse is part of the 19 North Saros Series which began at the North Pole on July 5, 1331. The last time we experienced an eclipse in this series was on August 22, 1998 when it occurred at 29 degrees Leo. Try to remember what was going on in your life at that time. It will help you understand how this eclipse will affect you.

The general interpretation of this eclipse series is about getting real about a person or situation and facing what is. The eclipse will help you see an old situation in a new light. That is, you will see it for what it is, not how you wish it to be. This illumination can be temporarily painful. But to see the truth (Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius) is much less painful than to continue with your illusions (Neptune in Pisces).

This September 1, 2016 solar eclipse is nudging you to give up old self-limiting beliefs (Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius) and to move forward in your life with more clarity and purpose. The Sun, Moon and North Node in Virgo form a T‑square with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius. Squares represent challenges. Look to the houses where the eclipse T-square falls in your natal chart to understand how the eclipse will affect you. The apex of the T‑square is in Gemini. You will need to also consider the natal chart house that has Gemini on the cusp. Pluto is trine the North Node and sextile Neptune.

Because of the Pluto connection, this solar eclipse is also about transformation. Look at what has not been working in your life. That is where you need to do the clearing out, letting go and transforming. Of course, this can also relate to every day, mundane things such as cleaning out that sticky mess in your cabinet and putting down new shelf paper. Indeed, with Mercury retrograde at the time of the eclipse, organization and tidying up are especially favored.

Here is the chart for the September 1 eclipse set for New York City, NY:

Sept 1 2016 Eclipse

Let’s pretend that we can hear the key planets dialogue with one another. This is what they are saying:

Sun and Moon in Virgo: Our feeling nature and our personality have combined to let you know that it is time to take stock, get organized and come down to earth. Whenever you combine strong emotional energy with your intention it is much easier to manifest your desires.

North Node in Virgo: I am a point of fate in the heavens. I am the point where the paths of the Sun and Moon on the ecliptic intersect north of the equator so I combine the essence of both the Sun and the Moon.

Neptune in Pisces: I’m opposed to the idea of being totally organized and grounded. It’s not that I don’t think it’s important, but I think it is much better to just blissfully flow along. Some people would say that I am confused, but really, when you tune into your higher self you will see that you can be both grounded and in the flow. The best way to use my essence is to meditate, to sit by water in contemplation or to just feel the essence of “all that is.” I will give you heightened intuition during the eclipse season from September 1 through the end of September. Pay attention to your intuition and to any synchronicities that come your way.

Mars in Sagittarius: I like action and when I become frustrated, I can get very angry. Sitting here next to Saturn, the planet of limitation, is taxing my tolerance. And what is all of this Virgo stuff about being organized and down to earth? I just want to move and explore and find new horizons and projects. By the way, why are all those people driving so slow when they could be speeding along. Saturn likes traffic laws, but I like speed, action and daring pursuits.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Now, now Mr. Mars, cool your heals a little bit. I am not glamorous and people don’t like it that I hold them back. But it is beneficial for people to have a well thought out plan with right timing. Mr. Mars, have you ever heard the story about the tortoise and the hare?

Pluto in Capricorn: I will help you transform yourself. Sometimes I will cause you to feel the deep, dark, yucky side of yourself and I may bring about hidden emotions that you would rather keep hidden. But, oh, you will feel so much better when you deal with the garbage in your life and get rid of it.

The Planets All Speak: It is time to be real about what is possible and what is not.  Dust off your dreams and wishes, rework them where necessary and take action to make them a reality.

The planets have spoken.

Take time during this mysterious September eclipse season to set your life in a new direction or to clarify your current direction. Finally, you might want to wait until after Mercury turns direct to begin to implement the new action plan. Better yet, put your plan into place in September and then act on it beginning the first week in Octer.



TMy Way road signhere is no doubt about it; the Libra Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 is all about relationships.  Any relationship issues that have been simmering along since the lunar eclipse on September 27, 2015 suddenly appear again—front and center.  Look back to that eclipse to understand the dynamics of the present eclipse.

The Libra/Aries axis targeted by the lunar eclipse brings out questions and problems around Me versus You–You versus Me.

In a way, this eclipse is a crossroads.  Little irritating habits of your partner or best friend may suddenly loom large.

How could you have put up with them all this time?

How do you combine the need to compromise and the need to be true to yourself?

The lunar eclipse presents some key relationship dynamics.  All lunar eclipses illuminate the dark side of a situation that needs to be pulled into the light and reworked.  It is fitting that this lunar eclipse should fall immediately after the spring equinox, the beginning of the astrological year.

The spring equinox on March 21 occurs at zero degrees Aries.  It further highlights the theme of me, (Aries) versus others (Libra) and other’s needs.  The zero degree point of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) is a dynamic action point.  Whenever the zero point of a chart is targeted it sets off all of the forward moving aspects of the chart.  A person’s life or situation simply cannot stay dormant and unmoving when the zero point is being activated.

The 4 degree Libra Lunar Eclipse is within orb of that zero point.  It is also in close opposition to Mercury at 2 degrees Aries.  Many of the issues raised by this lunar eclipse can be solved through truthful and compassionate conversation.

Chiron is conjunct the South Node in Pisces lending a healing and compassionate overlay to the lunar eclipse energy.  The Sabian symbol for 4 degrees Libra is:

“A group of young people sit in spiritual communion around a campfire.”

The message of this eclipse is to compassionately resolve your differences through loving communication in a spirit of togetherness.

When Do Eclipses Occur

Solar eclipses occur at the New Moon when the Sun and Moon are conjunct and within 18 degrees of the nodal axis. The nodal axis is the point where the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun as it moves around the earth)**.

Ancient Babylonians around 747 B.C. discovered that solar eclipses occur in eclipse families and that eclipses could be accurately predicted. We now call these families the Saros Series (SS). Each SS starts at either the North Pole or the South Pole and runs for hundreds of years–up to 1,260 years. An eclipse in a SS is labeled as being either North or South denoting at which pole it started. Each SS produces an eclipse every 18 years plus 9 to 11 days (depending on how many leap years occurred during the 18 years).

The recent solar eclipse that occurred on March 8, 2016 at 18 degrees Pisces belongs to SS 18 South. This solar eclipse started at the South Pole on August 20, 1096 and will end on September 22, 2340 at the North Pole.

Each solar eclipse begins as a partial eclipse. At each occurrence of an eclipse in a SS, the eclipse occurs closer to the nodal axis. Finally, after approximately 650 years the eclipse is conjunct the nodal axis and a total eclipse occurs. After that, each eclipse in the SS begins to move away from the nodal axis until, once again, only partial eclipses occur.

A SS ends when only a very small eclipse occurs at 18 degrees or more from the nodal axis at the opposite pole from where the first eclipse occurred. When one SS ends, another takes its place. There are many SS operating at any one time.

The table in the following link shows the Saros Series of each eclipse, the zodiac position and the date, time and duration of both solar eclipses and lunar eclipses.

Eclipses 2016 through 2050

This is a rather complex subject, so please leave a comment if you have questions.

**The Sun does not move around the earth, it only appears to do so.  The horoscope wheel is a flattened representation of the ecliiptic.


Who Will the March 2016 Solar Eclipse Affect


The March 8/9 2016 solar eclipse occurs at 18 degrees Pisces.  It will have the most effect on those who have planets near 18 degrees (13 degrees to 23 degrees) of any of the mutable signs.  It will be:
  • conjunct those with planets near 18 degrees of Pisces,
  • opposing planets near 18 degrees of Virgo, and
  • square to planets near 18 degrees in Gemini and Sagittarius.

The eclipse will have the greatest effect on those who have planets conjunct the eclipse.  You are compelled to pay attention to the matters indicated by the planet(s) conjunct the eclipse. in the area of life denoted by the house in which the eclipse occurs.

If the eclipse is square your planet(s) a challenge has been issued.  You will need to take action to resolve the highlighted conflicts.

When the eclipse is in opposition to your planet(s) someone or something is standing in your way.  You will need to find a way to work around or with the opposition to resolve the conflict.

The are of your life the eclipse will affect if it falls in your:

First House – It affects your outer appearance, how you let others perceive you and other’s perception of you.

Second House – Your values, your money, how you spend and earn your money.

Third House – Your communication, school, teaching, learning, your immediate neighborhood.

Fourth House – Your family, your home, your ancestors, your spiritual and family foundations.

Fifth House – Your love affairs, your children, your creative activities and the expression of your individuality.

Sixth House – Your job, your job surroundings, volunteer work, the daily grind, health and healing and your pets.

Seventh House – Your relationships, marriage and business partners, and legal matters.

Eighth House – Taxes, insurance, crisis, inheritances and money received by means other than a job.

Ninth House – College, metaphysics, religion, travel, and any other higher mind activities.

Tenth House – Career, public standing, your employer, honors or disgrace and profession.

Eleventh House – Hopes and wishes, friends, followers and groups such as societies, clubs and organizations.

Twelfth House – Bad habits, your secrets and secret activities, introspection, and transforming old belief systems.

A picture of the solar eclipse for the GMT time zone is shown below: